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Like that Vintage White Sox games from Comiskey Park from back in the day that jersey and they still ruled out there every Sunday. So I'm Ah big fan of that. That's like Josie. I remember as a kid and you wear proudly when you go to socks. Can I do that? It's it's Ah, It probably gets more weekly at the house still like I were around and the problem with those jerseys, and I'm not sure how they played with it. Their thick gets a hot jersey to be out there in the middle of the summer. I got a rapid, so I do Good. I couldn't imagine running around playing. And like that highlight was Carlton Fisk catching with all the gear and everything else on things thick. Yeah. Yes. Yes, it is. Baseball show, presented by Goose Island Beer Company and Throwback Thursday Faras jerseys that you remember the ones that your favorite faras, usually baseball jerseys that you own or really loved as a kid 312332 ESPN. Josh is an Edison Park on the baseball show on ESPN. 1000 Josh Hey, I'm going good was give us an old school jersey that you really liked her did not like for baseball. So, so I think you kind of beat me to it that that White Sox won Macomb, but they're white. That's got that, like Red Sox across the chest. That was pretty cool. And another one. I would have to say it's probably that like early 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks picture like Lady Johnson growing out there with that, like purplish make around. Yes, those two. I appreciate your phone call, because that is the snake going up the side of the A. It was the green A with Gold around the eh? The outline of the A, and, of course, is just the white pinstripes and like the blues, the purple sleeves ahead. That was it in a weird look back in the day, but but any time that you have an expansion team that's been around for a while, you just kind of just look at that jersey. So you know what No one else has. I'm going to buy it. I'll give an example. I've already bought a Seattle crack in T shirt. I'm with you on that that logo. I like the mask out of crackers. And the whole thing is cool. And like every time a new team comes out like thes de back uniforms, they're always throw in some unique colors that you don't see. So we had like a purple and turquoise color combination. For that deep actors that you don't see that it's crazy. Another thing I like about those jerseys is ah, You don't see too many. I think the red still wearing but not too many other teams were the vest with the T shirt underneath. And that the big units got the white with the purple sleeves. So that's Yeah. You know what the Reds do still rock there from time to time, But I think they're the one of the fuse that still do. A throwback Thursday on the baseball chauffeurs and by goose on beer company, If you remember, Can you go back in time? Remember your favorite or least favorite Major League Baseball jersey 312332 ESPN is our phone number. How about this one? How about the Houston Astros with the with the Orange and the Gold across the stripes of going back to the 19 seventies, the GR Richard era Astros from the late seventies into living in the eighties, the Astro uniform..

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