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Resort spa this week you can win and every Sunday this month good times clear skies tonight with temperatures in the fifties so we started we can with the cold feel in the forties and warm up in the lower end mid sixties from the coast all the way out to the Inland Empire our mountains and desert for windy tomorrow afternoon with lighter winds Sunday Anthony honest NBC for right now are Fulton fifty five the deranged fifty Gardena fifty six Dunbar fifty three degrees sweetly local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I'm Michael crozier we six forty beats calmly show live every night six to ten PM almost eleven PM we go off at ten PM and we were having if you want everything about an hour George nori shall I then George nori comes I'm and than the day starts all again over again in the morning so I'm on Friday the number three producers of the program the three female produces of the program or three of them a lot more game against bellum and the December at a S. as somewhat of an informal dance off it's up on Instagram and you can decide who the best.

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