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Mean, it's like that every day so. It's You're like okay. Another loss talking the confident dammit. So we'll see we'll check back. Gave me guys. Come. December. We'll do that well November I know number you know we'll check in and. See how that whole process has been. So you know the other thing about the good that you're mentioning there is. It really does feel like we don't. Know How much work it takes to get a fan or a check or for that matter bill from one place to another and he said so many hands I'm kind of curious like. WE'RE STILL IN A. you know we I don't think we still we still take for granted. Let's put it that way. The fact that you can send a piece of mail in generally within three to five days get anywhere in the united. States at least the continental United States Bozell how many? What's the real in brief? What is the process? If like I put something in a mailbox today you said how many Hans it actually touch him. Who kind of magic happens? Probably, I would say at least a half dozen heads. So you drop it in the mail box, you never L. Vox or wherever it's picked up by the carrier it goes. To. The station. And then generally onto a truck to a distribution of processing center and from there. Depending on where it's going. Basically mirrors that process and ends up at the at the destination. It's like planes are involved trains. Trucks are involved. Human hands on all sides. It's. Amazing piece of clockwork. All right. So that's the good. Now let's get to the dark side. Arms. What is the bad a working at the US Postal Service? So I am told and. It is true. that. If you've worked there. For Ten Years Thirty Years Forty years and you want to transfer. Out, of state. To another city. That you lose all of your seniority. and. You'd have to start from the ground up. What Yeah Yeah so if you if you`re you're care started as a carrier you work your way up to. I don't know. Some top tier I think you have to start over. Yeah it's it's pretty. Ridiculous. Yeah. What's the reason for that? Is Because you? Know, I don't know. But what I was told about half psychopath this is ridiculous. The change. There's some there's some. There's some things in place that are just a little. Little. Draconian. Brutal? I feel like me part of it is that the post office even though it's a national entity, it's very much a neighborhood thing. Right and the people who work there probably tend to work there for very long time and it's like you're not going to have somebody coming from another neighborhood switching over here real office and I'm like, okay. So he was like. You know King of the hill over there for twenty years but we don't know him. You know it's like, yeah. Does, it is that actually Are the. So are there any other like one of the things which I I think all of us are kind of curious about is like that notion of? Being a mail carrier right I mean even now like you still physically have to. As a carrier bring huge amounts of staff door to door. I mean you're not a carrier I know but I I mean, you probably have some visibility into what that lifestyles like I imagine it's It's rough, right? It seems. Yeah. It seems pretty I. Mean they deal with what they're out there. Getting Stung by wasps. In harassed getting bit chased her bid my dogs that the dog thing is true. I don't know what it is. Now full support for the carriers up there. I mean they're they can be the salty as people, the most you loving people and desert you. We develop these relationships with our carriers in neighborhoods. I don't think people actually know what they go through out there I mean what they have to do to bring bring bring people stuff. It's absolutely incredible and wonder how many miles an average carrier has to walk in a year and how many pounds they carry you know collectively. I wish I I've been wanting to ask the the people there. I avalanches to see what their steps are per day. I wonder about that too. Jeff Jeff, do you know the name of your carrier? I must say I do not do. You. Do you know who the looks like have you seen him or her her actually? Yeah I. DO I DO RECOGNIZE My carrier. And I've lived for two years. I should now, right But you know one of the things is this I'm until recently, I've not been at home most of the time when meals delivered and So in the past you know postal service postal delivery it was something where you know I guess 'cause the way people's days and schedules work. You'd be like their surly Saturdays I guess you'd be there and by the way Saturday mail delivery. Amazing right we don't think about it but the the male, the male actually coming on weekends is something which a lot of other countries don't have. A male going for as as expensive sounds to put a stamp on something these days. Sorry, it's nothing to how much it cost to mail stuff in other countries While we're the places, you don't get door to door service. You know there's a lot of stuff you have to pick up from local. Like convenience stores and stuff like that. So it's We just don't give enough love to the the American version of of how meals delivered but I I I feel I don't have a personal relationship with my mail carrier and now I feel kind of like Shit. WE'RE NOT going. To. Deport a finger and. Make. You feel that way I, just I was just curious. I mean I'm just curious how other people were late to their relationship with their. Their you know their individual carrier it's But you know I I feel like this time. Everything we've been talking about between Colvin and. Trump's assault on the postal service. It's been an interesting time for for PR. For for Postal Service right I mean everyone suddenly is very. You know the some of the very cognizant of of. The the pulse value in their lives, and there's been a kind of resurgence of appreciation I. Think for for you know the service on that will also individual carriers. You know I I would very much like to think that. Yeah, that it is it is something last beyond pandemic. We'll see. If we if any of us. Survive beyond this pandemic. Survive. The rest of the year. Yeah. My Gosh. That's a that's a pretty good segue. As we wonder that to the third and final round of our. Our round table segment, and that is the T. F. in this case, the WTO of working at the Postal Service and. Again. This can be just questioned. You have a very you know any weird instance you can.

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