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There. Elliot, Boston who was the premier center in the country. Kind of a neat feel-good story. You know, from that, she's a Caribbean girl that, gosh, just a few years ago was not a very polished player that just all of a sudden just exploded on the scene and has just continued to to be dominant force and Jordan Horst. And this is the MVP now of the gold medal game and a freak athlete from Ohio off the charts potential. I would say probably the in state team of Ohio State may lead in that. The question are getting Jordan, but that remains to be seen and one of the best players that wasn't on the team. I'll say to one's already committed to Maryland, Ashley, a sue point guard who didn't make that national team, but the other one Rickey Jackson out of Detroit. Michigan, six, two small forward can play a little bit inside, but explosive can score off the dribble, shoot it deep. I mean, this kid has got the complete package of the offense of side of the ball, and you know, teed being highly recruited by virtually everybody, I would suspect. So, but there's still of of the, you know, ten players saying the top ten in the class. There's still half of them that have been uncommitted at this point. Right. Well, we will definitely keep our eyes on those players and we look forward to our next visit Dan. Yeah, thanks for all your work. What we look forward to talking more about girls basketball. Thank you for everything. We know you put a lot of energy into, you know, like you said, fifty weeks of triumphal crazy July. So hopefully get some rest and we'll talk to you again soon. Sounds good. Quarter. Bounds. It's are growing the game segment in which we are highlighting people who are continually growing the game of women's basketball than their own individual ways. And today we have one of our own. We have ESPN's WNBA on ESPN coordinating producer, two-time, national EMMY award winner producer for MBA college, basketball, low key. I heard he's let China's boss, but we don't know we own. We find out on his interview. Rodney village joining us today Riley, rigor to hear Rodney's voice, not in my ear saying only two questions only to question. Welcome to around the rim broadening. We've been wanting to have you on the show for a while because we get all kinds of fanmail obsolete to reconsider keeping up on the growth that WNBA in viewership ratings are up through the roof for this league, and you have been leading the charge as the coordinating producer. You do so much from being the connection with the league to obviously with us as talent to, you know, just all the different things that are happening. I mean, even looking at this year, you've done so many things in gain to give us different views of what's happening in the WNBA from your players. Only broadcast to, you know, having Rebecca and care on two different sides of the bench during a game, which was fantastic. WNBA all star. The the feedback we've been getting is the player access has been tremendous from player Mike's to today with three point contest in game interviews. So anyway, just wanted to give the fan in idea of all of you do, but you tell us what are your main responsibilities in this position? Let's see. Kind of to oversee the entire production budget promotion and. Also managing our relationship ESPN's relationship with the WNBA itself. We basically coordinate with the league at the beginning of every season or a couple of months before the season. What else schedules gonna look like what their promotional marketing campaign will consist of and how that fits into what we want to do at ESPN to promote the game itself and how we can enhance our broadcasts in conjunction with the league. So realistically, all the things that you named before this year, we're kind of ideas that we've talked about with the league and kind of discussed internally how we can make those things happen. Specifically the lead in this game with Rebecca Lobo Carolina and Lisa, Leslie, that was a wonderful experience. And then even going back to beginning of the year when we did put a carer Lawson and Rebecca Lobo beside the two..

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