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It's gonna have to be Kovin related and you're gonna have to prove that it is so in there and if you're in that situation that I I'm certainly sorry to hear that if there's anything that we can help you out was here at the doll financial group more than happy to spend fifteen minutes on the phone with you trying to give you some thoughts some guidance on the best way of dealing with your current situation yeah it's it's it's it's tough it'll be interesting to see what when everything gets tightened up if you will but for right now if you're in that situation is certainly a bright tell you take advantage of it but but remember that it's not without repercussion if you ask for forbearance you're not gonna be able to refinance you can't take advantage of the lower rates if you it's going to show up on your credit report most likely I know there's been a couple people have called the office looking for help that lenders just will not new lender simply will not consider refinancing giving you a new loan because why they don't want to take on your risk they don't take the risk of a competing institution and refinance you so just be aware of that it's not without risk and the risk could last several years so again just something to think about that's why it's important to figure out exactly where you're at let's work through the various scenarios as for interest rates go market place is still very attractive three and a half percent we've we seem to be in a holding pattern right now function of where the treasury is as well as capacity for the banks at.

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