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Belt. Congressman Tim Ryan announcing campaign for president and join his phone is that Monteiro who is reading about his candidacy. What's his path? Why is he getting in this race? I think the better question is probably why not get in. There's so many people in this field that democratic politicians feel such a low barrier to entry, you know, if they wanna get their idea, at least national prominence and national play they might run for president this show for out the actual even Isla caucuses candidates can enter now any traction. And if they don't they drop out they have nothing collusion if they do. Well, they're running for president. So you know, it's such a low barrier entry I first coming up. So soon you might have run if you think you have something, but really be able to participate in the debates will have raised enough money and name recognition to put him on the debate stage. That'd be a little bit tough. We're couple months in the first debate. And he needs to get sixty five thousand donors you need to get one percent from. Qualified. You know with its harder than you get sixty five thousand donors relatively low threshold. But this candidates have been in the race where these amount of time not yet hit that threshold. I would guess that congress mines best shots onto the base state would be three polls. It's one percent is not an extraordinary number of being a national poll. Early states that if you really buckle down and get, you know, get your early states, and you just hope that enough you're out in the field full. You know, you have shot. The better question is how many people would be on the stage. If we hit twenty candidates on the stage, the cutoff twenty candidates debates is who have been eliminated. I, you know, somebody who doesn't two thousand threshold only polling one maybe two percent is in danger. I'm getting off the stage if there's twenty people qualified he has been front and center with the closing of the GM plant in his congressional district just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. It seems to me that that's going to be the framework the basis of his candidacy of his announcement. Yeah. You know, when he launched he said that none of them are talking about the middle of the country not talking about room Erica. And what you know. These voters are looking for these odors need to hear congressman Ryan hoping to highlight a another bid. Western boys is not too many westerners in the race and talk about what they care about. And maybe pick up the mantle of Ohio, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown pass them run. But he's. That he was talking about when he was considering running the of work. So I try to pick up that mantle. And there are other names still being talked about Senator Michael Bennet who announced that he is battling prostate cancer. But if he is successful with his treatment he will run for president. Congressman Seth Moulton Massachusetts says he's thinking about running and Stacey Abrams who ran for governor of Georgia says she too is thinking about a possible candidacy, so I guess the more the merrier. Yeah. I mean, not even of them thinking about running congressman Eric thinking run from Carrie mccullogh thinking about a run, you know, feels that had a lot of candidates in the race. And we do I think we're up to fifteen may do candidate, you know, about that depending on how you want to describe a major candidate. But still room, you know, five or six more people to get in. It's kind of remarkable. And it really goes to show. There's no clear runaway Victor at this point in the race for the Joe Biden. Also, my new not in the race. And Senator Bernie Sanders been combined about fifty percent. But these the other fifty percent up for grabs, and it leaves Democrats who think that they can elbow in and find two or three percent and try to catch fire. More details at politico dot com. Zach Montelera joining us on the phone. Thank you for being with us. Thanks in other news. We are one week away. From yet. Another Brexit deadline for Great Britain in the evening. There is more uncertainty than ever over what will happen next. The New York Times has this headline Brexit enters the flex stench in era. It could be short and the BBC is reporting that labor and conservative party negotiators for a number of hours today. Trying to reach a compromise that parliament could ultimately pass this from question time yesterday with labor party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy..

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