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In the day on the day this day the third day of October sixty seven years ago. The giants win. The pennant giants win the pennant. Bobby Thomson to the New York Giants hit. What's called the shot heard round the world? Three run Homer in the bottom of the ninth of the final game the three game playoff against the dodgers. Bet today would be called a walk off. Homerun fifty seven years ago. Nineteen sixty one Nashville country music hall of fame elected Jimmie Rodgers Hank Williams, and Fred rose co-founder of the ak- froze publishing company as its very first members speaking I the year was nineteen seventy four Frank Robinson became major league baseball first black manager when he took over the Cleveland Indians twenty three years ago today the jury in the OJ Simpson murder trial found juice innocent of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson. And Ronald Goldman jury. It actually reached their decision yesterday October second nineteen ninety-five took them all a four hours. I guess they didn't want the public to know. How quick they came to the fifteen years ago two thousand three on his fifty ninth birthday. Roy horn half of Siegfried and ROY nearly killed on stage by one of his Tigers. Core. Bit him in the neck and the bite severed an artery causes stroke, which slept ROY partially. Paralyzed. He seventy four today and seven years ago. Two thousand eleven convicted American murder MandA knocks Henderson it's overturned into talion court. She was retried reconvicted and then sentenced to twenty eight and a half years, but four years later in two thousand fifteen Italy supreme court finally acquitted her that was a weird weird story. Birthdays today include Lena, heavy. Searcy Lancaster on game of thrones. She's forty five the Reverend Al Sharpton, sixty four Dave Winfield man baseball hall of Famer the only athlete ever drafted by teams in all three major sports. He was drafted by the San Diego Padres, the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and a Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. And I believe he is also today to date the only baseball hall of Famer to be arrested for killing a bird. You are correct. That happened in Toronto during warmups. He was throwing, you know, warming up throwing balls and hit a bird Nick got him for cruelly. Dan of killed him. Got him for cruelty to animals happy birthday Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not until those were the days. Charlie. Sorry. Oh, it it..

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