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And in court they were. I'm reading from the history. It says that day in court. Joseph and higher were released to await trial on the riot charges, but before the brothers could leave town to William laws, associates brought complaints against them for declaring martial law in the wvu. They were charged with treason against the government and people of Illinois a capital offense that permitted the men for being released on bail. So Joseph and hire more confined in the county jail locked together in a cell for the night. And this jail. The Carthage jail is a stone building. It's two stories you walk in the bottom. The bottom part was the quarters where the jailer lived with his family and upstairs. There was a barred cell as well as a debtor sell. They call it, and you would go up the stairs and there was a landing there. You would turn to the right, and if you went straight, you would go towards the or sell. That's where they put Joseph. Smith in the debt or sell. And the door itself didn't even lock. It was wart. Baloch did not work, and so you would think that they didn't really think you'd be a flight risk. Except for the fact that they did have armed guards at the jail to make sure that Joe. Smith wooden escape, so even though he could probably walk out of the room and go on the landing. He couldn't get away from the jail and and and flea. But what happens on June twenty seventh? Eighteen forty four. The jail. Is. I guess you could say attack by a mob and this mob is coming for Joseph Smith now did they want to kill Joseph Smith? That's a matter of controversy something that maybe they were there merely to capture Joseph Smith and turn them in because he was wanted in another area of the country, and maybe they could get a reward of that, but we'll never really know because we just won't know that stuff is I. Guess Not really available to us to know all the facts there, but the mob attacks the jail and they go up on the landing. And Joseph Smith is being visited at that time by a man named Willard Richards and John Taylor. John Taylor would later become the third president of the Church and Willard Richards was Mormon Apostle they were visiting at the time and earlier in the day, Joseph Smith was visited by guy by the name of Cyrus. Wheelock Cyrus Wheelock left Joe Smith a smuggled pistol. He got past the guards and he gave the gun he actually says. Does anybody want this and Smith? Supposedly says here give it to me. He wanted it, and he put it in his pantaloons pocket. As the way, it's worded in the history of the church. When this mob attacks! Joe Smith not only has a gun, but another man visited him during the day by the name of full Moore. who also offered a pistol to the prisoners and Joseph Smith took that and gave it to his brother Hiram. And as the mob came up the landing onto the landing. The men in the are holding themselves against the door. Because there isn't a lock on the door. and Th- written I'm I'm giving the story as it is more than history. A bullet goes through the door and hits Hiram in the face and the bridge of the nose. He allegedly falls back. Saying something like I am a dead man. Now. That is certainly controversial because a person shot in the head in that. Area specifically. Is Probably. Not going to be forming words. Or sentences so this could be romanticized for all we know, but Hiram falls back and Joseph Smith allegedly says something to the effect. Oh my poor, dear brother, Hiram, and he goes to his aid. WHO's he's laying there and as justice with up from his probably dead brother. At this time he pulls the gun out. The opens the door slightly sticks his arm out and fires the gun three times. Or an excuse me six times he pulls the trigger, but it fires only three times. It's an even Allen pepper box, not a very reliable gun at all, and only three of the barrels discharge. as we understand it John Taylor. Who was there said bat? The barrels that did discharge hit their marks He was under the impression that two of those that were shot by Smith died. That's controversial Some say that's not true. That didn't happen although John Taylor, never changed his mind or changed his account of what happened that day. But what eventually happens is Joseph Smith after firing the gun. They tried closing the door. He goes to the window of the jails cell, and he begins to give masonic signal of distress, saying the words Oh Lord, my God. He's shot again at the window. Any falls out never completing what many believe to be the masonic signal of distress, which is oh Lord my God. Is there no help for the widow's son? All? He gets out of the words. Lord, my God, and he falls out the window. They propped his body up. They shoot him again and at the end of Joe Smith and Hiram Smith. That's how he died and yet if you were to take the tour. At, I've taken it many many times. They never volunteer the information on the smuggled pistol. I always have to bring it up during the when Acre. Well in in the history of the church, one of the things I always would bring up with people is the fact that they described his death as a martyr's death. Right however as you just gave the accounting. Assuming shot is fired in. He's not just taking it lying down. He's not distrusting, God he's actually aggressor. You Know I. Think the way that it words in the history of the church. Berkeley's. He had his trusty six shooter I. Think is how was said, but he's firing he's. He's trying to kill people. That's a good point Andrew, because even though let's say nobody died. Okay, because I heard a mormon. Make this argument, but nobody died. That's a controversy. Go okay, let's say nobody died. Are you telling me that when he fires into the crowd. That's not what he's hoping for. I mean you know fire gun into a crowd unless you're hoping to hit somebody and you're probably going to kill them. Especially with a caliber, the size of that L. Pepper box that he had that gun is on display in the church museum across from Temple Square to this very day. Now before they they modernized the visitor center. They had a different gun on display that they said was the gun Joseph Smith years well when I saw the new gun after the opened up the after the renovation I went up and ask somebody at the at the museum. Why is there a different gun on display? Well didn't know that there was a different gun, but I did I'd pictures of the old one as well as the new, and they are not the same. It's an Ethan Allen Pepper box. But the barrel on the original gun was significantly longer than the barrel on this gun. That is now on display. And I had someone from the Church eventually. Contact me on. That may admitted that I was right. At is a gut the different gone, but that the one on display now is the one that Joseph Smith did us, even though for years the sign on the other guns said it was the one that was is. But. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter Joseph. Smith was trying to cause bodily harm to his attackers. Now if a Mormon wants to say, he was.

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