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So first of all, I was like never the type to believe in such things. I'm just saying I'm not I never journal than ever meditated never did like any of those? You know like it just not my type. But once I did it literally that first session it changed my life completely. So I always tell people until you try it and I just once because remember at the process, please try a few times. Don't say anything you could maybe think it's weird but still try it be open to see maybe there's something there. Okay. Now once you try it. See if it works. If you did it, a couple of times didn't work. No harm was done if you did it at, it changed your life like as dramatically changed mine. Good for you. You love it literally kind after client who just comes changed their marriage they understand what's happening like recently, I had a client who was. Separated okay. The she still loved her husband, but she'd been separated and things were just. Not Looking so good and was working with her A. She realized that she drew a picture. She's been really similar exercise to like when I told you before and she drew a picture of a cow and her mom was on the couch and she was on the couch and. Then, she was journaling about it and while she's journaling, she realized that her mother had manipulated her as a kid to behave a certain way. Okay. Now, then she went to a different country for high school, she stayed by her hand and she. Did some work there, and again her aunt manipulated her. Okay. So for her the only way she knew anything was manipulation. So she loved her husband so much and she wants to show him her love. So at that, she'd do without even realizing she's manipulating him like for example, he's overweight and he has to lose weight and she wants him to lose weight. What does she do? She controls or tries to at least control every single byte he eats now we know that doesn't work. So she leaves even the group, he's going to go eat something else. She's not home restaurant who knows what he's GonNa. Right. Now to her, she just cares about him and she wants him to be healthy. So that is why she's going on controlling everything that he eats, but that's not healthy and it's not gonNa make a marriage work. So through this process of writing about it, she realized that Hey, I know I never knew this I realized that my mother manipulated at manipulated me and to me showing love is through manipulation. But that's not a good idea. Now, how can I go and change my habits that talk? So that way I'm not manipulating him anymore, and then from there, she was able to move forward and just recently she actually back in with him so. It's a process you're going to want to try it see for yourself and save them. Works. No harm is done if you write on some paper. Okay. So there's proof people see there's A. She's So incredible stop incredible. I I love all this I'm going to try this out is I'm scared about it dime going to try this out. cause. Okay. Definitely. Definitely by have one last question for you before we get out of here..

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