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You need see six months for an emergency fund and then we're going to say good man we don't have a meteorite plan right and so we have six month emergency fund and we're going to move onto the next thing because if you keep spinning your wheels there then what are you gonna do. Eventually your body says why you can get out of bed. Just go to bed. And so what i would love to challenge you and your husband to do is to get away from all the the mess and by the way you're going to start a business in it's not going to be successful and you know what that's going to be okay. You're still going to be. It is and you're going to have another one. That's successful successful great. That doesn't define you right. It's cool and it's neat and we'll high five. You doesn't come from your your in-laws they're celebrating you right It comes from this idea that you think you can outrun change and you can outrun insecurity. And you can't you gotta sit with it and let it be present in feel it in. It's uncomfortable and it's awful and you won't feel like you're enough and then as you talked about you. Go sit with somebody. Who's a professional. Here's the best thing you can do with. The counselor is to tell the truth most people. It's one of the first things in grad school. They teach you is your your clients will lie to you. Go tell the truth. Gay tell the truth. Be honest about your feelings about what you do wanna do what you don't want to do and go somewhere with your husband and y'all sit down and say why are we doing this. What are we want to be where we wanna go. Krisztian are talking about earlier about reverse engineering. What enough looks like what does our after paying for house and after wherever they millionaires. And after what are we doing. Get to the wider. What you're doing the where you wanna be in reverse engineer and then live a life that you love to live right otherwise you can be running in running and running and running and then you're gonna be like well. I guess. I'll just go to space for the weekend. I don't know what else to do right kind. Kinda feels like that. it does it does. And we can't go to space trillion dollars so we just stay in bed and watch netflix right. I think that'd be a great exercise for you to take on You know with your counselor yet era of this idea of discovering what your why is and it may not happen in one session. It may not happen and just one five minute prayer of of being alone but if you spend some time and dig and dig like what makes you light up. What makes you come alive. What gives meaning and purpose to your life can calm and talks about this on his show john baloney talks about this show. I talk about different ways on my show but that is the that is the baseline for everything for every business for every relationship for every everything you do needs to have a purpose. You need to have a y. Or else no matter what you do you're gonna wake up the same sinking feeling like you don't have a purpose that you do. You just need to find him. Thanks for tuning into the ramsey call of the day. Check out all of our podcast. Just search ramsey network on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen.

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