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I said how'd you hit it. And he went into a tirade I can't hit it out of my shadow Crap, and it was a good tirade because he had the same fiery had when he was playing for the hawks Greg golfer. Golf, pro at Camberley and anybody who touched his life for anybody who he touched their life that STAN. Mikita yeah, and we'll keep you up to date with the black sock Blackhawks plans IRAs Blackhawks radio station here so I I, don't know if he sent last time we had Georgia and they talked about their adversary at the, palace grill and then he took it to the, next level of being. Famous as he was on. Windy, city live Lou Ryan. Chevron, to tell. Which was, Georgia which was Ryan? Chevron now it was very difficult. Yeah much skinnier than Ryan yeah your twins But happy anniversary man. How, many years eighty years. Just, eighty years Yeah the? Last what? Am I going I'm, not gonna. Last number eight years This year I the restaurants in your I turned sixty in may and I'm in. My forty three running the. Palace grill so a lot of history there is any business eighty years is something a restaurant. In eighty years is quite an accomplishment you. Got to be such a. People person I am a people person I actually I'm extra quiet and. Reserved in a. Bitter knows me knows I'm quite reserve Yeah. But you gotta love people forty years in the business forty years running a restaurant. I'm the luckiest man the. World I'm I'm a blessed man I've got a great restaurant I've got a great wife I've. Got great kids and the only thing missing. In my life is grandchildren's. Tell your daughter next time we got to get going I tried this. With Dave's Dave George you really don't. Want Steve having that, conversation first time at Dave's daughter-in-law so what's going on. With you to. You and Stephen I need help figuring. Out how this goes come, up Because it's, something else pal once it happens. Speak for the daughter and daughter you guys, don't get it inputs what whether or not they're going to, reproduce definitely not my, son my son still wrong but my, son lives in Dubai he's on the other side of the world but I. Do believe good things are. Happening for him, to, I can't say, anything. But with the next couple of weeks I think that there's going to. Be a special announcement is life to God bless his, Bush grits here thanks for breakfast guys your. Wallets grill Yeah Seven. Seven three says Georgia's a true gentleman in every sense of the word he makes everybody feel. Welcome it's an honor to, say, no I'm Sean from Chicago police department and good morning to. You, Sean thanks for the service you do as. Well You love shaving now of course, you don't, but with Harry's you're gonna love it. I'm telling.

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