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You do still have your receipt, a proof of purchase from 2017, right? Yeah. Exactly. Cheese who doesn't? I said those new to pay. My files here. I fill out rebates on like dog food. So I'm a little weird because my wife as everything. Yeah. She's to everything. She uses a Honey dot com. And a bunch of other things for like she won't buy anything without looking for a coupon. Right. Well you shouldn't. No, it's I mean, they're on its online dude, you just Google it. There's chrome extensions that do it. She uses them. I just not me. I don't know why. It's just not me. But you're right. It's a it's like what is it ages? Classes privileges. It's just it's I've never had to a mall, worry about money has an old white, man. I am all of the above. Nest now, I really want Stacy's take on this, because she covers IOT Rhonda Mateo wrote an article that might be, I think considered by some a little bit deterrent. Yeah. He went a bit overboard, maybe went a little bit overboard, so of infect Florence I and said I am doing some. She says, I'm doing some research on this, because I don't know if I buy it, he writes, nest the company died at Google thousand nineteen the nest ecosystem is dead nest to counter dead nest privacy firewall is dead. Remember when Google acquired s Tony Fidel famously said, don't worry, Google is not going to get your information. But there's also of course a works with nest program. And the works with nest program is going to be deprecated. In fact, here's a here's the post on the works of this site. It's winding down. So here's what's going to happen. Google basically at Google ios said it took nest from a series of devices that have historically had their own intelligence and agency. So it there is a direct API that lets you control them in the nest devices talk to your stuff and vice versa by killing the works with nest program and switching it all through the Google assistant in Google home. What it's done. Is it stuck the Google home in as a middleman? So now, think of the nest of ISIS zombies, they are now controlled via the Google home, and this is bad news for a lot of companies it was sudden news for many companies. So every company out there that has worked with has done a worked with nest works with nest integration now has to go back in basically build a routine through Google includes if this then that includes if it includes Hugh, and includes lutron it includes bid. Includes Amazon anybody who's been controlling their Amazon or their nest thermostat through their Amazon echo. Amazon has to work with Google now through this and Amazon. We'll get their own. It's not a skill so routine or some sort of integration. So this isn't this isn't great. I mean, if you don't have a Google home, you're going to be like, whoa. Cramp nine eat some sort of home device from Google in my house to control my nest, Android device. Your Android phone. Well, you can, but you can't do it when you're away because there's not a device. Yeah..

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