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We welcome you back a little bit of other news today that's interesting. Quite held and fired a couple weeks ago by southern cow is going to be the next coach at Georgia, southern, meanwhile, my Bianchi joining us, longtime columnist in Orlando, great talk show host and Mike it's always good to talk to you. How are you? Always good to be on with the second most beautiful bald man in the south as you know that Paul? Great to have you with this column on Dan Mullen and I want you to explain it, because I think it's interesting that you point out he's not getting fired, but and I think that's a very big bud. Yeah, I don't think he's going to get fired this year. Scott Strickland just gave you a contract extension. Scott Strickland is sort of tied to Dan Holland Dan Mullen at the hip. Right now. And I think Scott Strickland believes that this program is not in disarray, yeah, recruiting is an issue now. That's obvious, but you look at Florida's games this year. It's not like they're besides the Georgia game, which was that was a clobbering. But Alabama, this extra point, maybe they could have beaten Alabama. LSU, that game was a write down to the wire game, Kentucky, a fluky block field. Florida's actually out gained every opponent on their schedule this year. They badly out gained Alabama. They badly out gained Kentucky. They even out gained Georgia by a yard. I think it was. So how many Scott Strickland still thinks damn moan is a good coach and a good play caller and all of that, but there are some things that need to be addressed when it comes to recruiting and the talent discrepancy between Florida and Georgia and Florida and the rest of the elite teams in college football. Mike, listen, I think he certainly is good, but you talk to fans every day on your show. What are they saying and where do they go from here? Well, Paul, you know how what happens when a negativity or is Ron zook used to call it? I'm always in the system when the noise and the system creates in and the fans start getting down under coach and then Dan Mullen makes the dumb move of canceling all the media availability this week. That spirals out of control. So the mainstream media starts writing negative stories as well. And that negativity feeds on itself. Dan Mullins is not doing himself any favors by how he's acting. We've seen that in the past last year, for instance, he got himself in trouble with his attitude and his arrogance and it's happening again. So Dan Mullen needs to start acting like a true leader and realize that this is a big boy football and start and stop treating it like big baby football because he's acting like a big baby right now. I'm curious Mike and sometimes people think this is inside baseball. And it is to a point, but when you're under fire like he is and developments happen like they did yesterday. It creates a much more toxic situation than it deserves, but why would a school and I think they usually had good PR down? There you tell me, do something that is only going to bring negativity to the program. Like canceling the media availability. I don't understand it. If somebody is advising ten, Mullen, they need to stop it, all right? Or if nobody's advising Dan, Mullen, they need to start advising Dan Mullen. But I think then more just I think Florida might be trying to advise him, but again, Dan Mullen is sometimes a petulant child. He does things his own way. Sometimes he's not going to listen to people. So again, I don't know who is advising Florida Dan Mullen prize, but somebody needs to start whether it be Scott Strickland, I think it has to start there. He's the AD and he has to tell Dan Mullen. Listen, you're not doing yourself any favors. You're just throwing a bunch of gasoline on an already volatile situation. But Mike, wouldn't this conversation have already happened a year ago there were countless incidents which we all talked about, whether they were as bad as we made them out to be or not. But he had four or 5 starting with the Halloween mass situation with his kids and so many other issues that it's hard for me to believe at this point Scott hasn't already had that conversation. Well, they certainly had conversations last year when after the last of Texas a and M when Dan Mullen said, hey, we need to pack the swamp next week during the raging pandemic and the school president and Scott Strickland and all of them sort of, they essentially called Dan Mullen on the carpet for that and Dan Mullen sort of apologized the week after. But again, I don't know if there's anything Scott Strickland can deal with Dan Mullen because of his attitude. There's a reason that when will must champ got fired at the university of Florida that Jeremy foley, he didn't hire Dan Mullen. He hired Jim mcelwain instead, even though Dan Mullen was probably the better candidate, but Jeremy foley never liked Dan Mullen's attitude when he was an assistant coach at Florida, thought he was arrogant, thought he was petulant..

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