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Okay. Played this son and designated survivor. Yes. I like him I think he's adorable I love looking at him. And you said your team Miguel team, Robbie I. GotTa Say Oh. So and that is very typical very typical ephedrine I. I mean I kind of team Ravi to going to be honest. Can. We talk about that hair though I gotta go the hairs? Article? The flips were. So. No that's my he's got a really cute Bob. Okay Like I. Love it I it. All right. Of and then we have John crease. Played by Martin Cove reprising his role, and I gotta say he's aged pretty well to considering he's in his I think he's in his seventies now. I feel like he's at work done though. Oh Yeah I think you're right. His forehead doesn't really move. No. There's a lot of smoothness going on Yesh. Hard time with this character just because I hate him and I don't want him on the show and I want him to die. Basically. That's all. I have to say every time he was on the show I was like cringing I'm like stop. No, don't don't trust him. No. You know that was he gave me a lot of anxiety. Which I guess is. It's a good thing for show. I. Mean You need that tension you need that discomfort I just want him to go away. That's all. Well again when I was talking about protagonist versus antagonised. You know you have you have Daniel and you have johnny and you're like. On one hand Oh, he's. He's good. No, he's good. No, he's slimy. That was slimy in your back and forth on both of them throughout the whole show. When crease comes back he's the clear antagonised yes. Right. So I think he even though we don't like him, he serves a purpose. For sure. And as I have some predictions about where that's going to go in season three. But let's talk about the additional characters because I thought they were people that that really rounded out this well. Yeah definitely, we have ally slash hawk. Really like his character. I think that you know he and Dmitry obviously we're like the nerd buddies and then hock decided he was just going to you know flip the switch, right? which to speak, which was a great i. loved that scene so much when Janis, like you know get people talk about something else. You know they're talking about your lip. Yeah. Flip the switch you know And he comes back with the Mohawk and he gets the girl Moon..

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