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To get good. You're going to be caught up to date momentarily in what's going on in the world of sports. In fact, why don't we do that right now? Here is a sports update for you. Here is Erica Herskowitz. CBS Sports flag. Probably won't be that good. But here we go to games in the NBA, Uh, tonight playoff schedule rolling on with the Hawks hosting the Sixers in Game three of their Eastern Conference semifinal series at State Farm Arena in Atlanta Tuesday night, Joelle and Bead knocked in 40 points help the Sixers grab game too, and even up the series. At one game apiece. The Sun's look to take a three Nothing lead in their second round series. They tip off against the Nuggets in Denver. The Nuggets in need of some home court advantage Magic after dropping the last two games on the road by an average of 21 points. Tip Offset for 10 Eastern Elsewhere. Raptor forward Pascal Sockem had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder is expected to be out at least five months afternoon baseball in Chicago today. The Cubs hosting the Cardinals at Wrigley Field. That game just underway Javi Baez back in the lineup after missing three games with a sore right thumb. Joel Quenneville, Rod Brenda More and Dean Everson are the three finalists for this year's Jack Adams Award for the NHL coach of the Year. Men's semifinals at the French Open right now, Rafael on the doll leads Novak Djokovic 63 in the first set tied to all in the second set earlier, Stefano sits the pass Advanced America her squids. Well, the Nets leave walk through the Eastern Conference. Hope not. Hopefully we get some competitive games here Tune in today. Three Eastern Noon Pacific on Tiki and Tierney..

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