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You can also subscribe on any PODCAST APP to Christian podcast community some specific ones is my andrew wraps which wrap report you could subscribe. Subscribe to that I have both a daily and a weekly. The daily shorter in the weekly is longer politics live were just and I will try to answer the rest of these questions and the ones that we got at the Philippines last year that we never got answering. We'll do that unapologetic live. That's a live show, so if you have questions, you want answered. That's the place to go. We'll try to answer your apologize restaurants. With Justin Peters, he's going to start that up has some old episodes out there now, but we have some. He's GonNa start doing some new episodes there and so make sure subscribed to dedicate with Justin Peters. If you don't ask, dedicate even though it's Kinda right over there. just search for Justin Peters. also WANNA. Recommend if you would consider donating to Justin Peters ministries. like I said earlier. This is something where we do. We did this thing because we had no other speaking events because they all got cleared and that made it easy for calendar, but This is the way that Justin makes most of his his living, so if you consider having. That be excellent, but also consider donating to a monthly monthly donations. Help because it helps pays bills monthly. One time donations are great, but monthly is better and along with that good also sitters, a supporter fraternity we're. Also, have not have all the speaking events that we usually would have been canceled a, but we do still have Oliver. podcasting are cycling other podcast the PODCAST meeting. We still have our KADEMI. It's still there. We still have a lot of other ways that we're trying to do teaching, sh and so Some of the other seminars if you WANNA have at your church that we offer striving for. Evangelism morning how to overcome the fear innovate in evangelism, the session it earlier today on Bible interpretation made easy. This is the up to eight hour session that we could do either. Do Justice Saturday or we could do a Friday and Saturday session, and then we have real life apologized teaching. basically presupposition, apologetic and helping. You work through that Jim Mention. If you happen to be in the Bucks County area and you, you WanNa, hear my preaching. You can to. Go to the Masters Church at work, and we are a new church where grace. Your plant in County and so if you're in the area, please reach out to us. We'd love to get to know you. June twenty-seventh evolution exposed. This is Ken Ham Ray Comfort there. Two ministries joining together to really go through a lot of details. This is again an online type conference. So if you're still home, it gives you.

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