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Interested in it. For sure. So I do want to talk about so the excitement is one piece, right? But then it's clear, you mentioned you guys have a researcher now, but even before you had the researcher, what were you guys doing to prep. I just want people to understand how much work was going into it because I don't think you guys have an agenda just like out of nowhere. We do. So kind of. But we it's called commander's intent. So we plan knowing that we're not going to stick to the plan. And so we have a Doc called $1 million brainstorm MDB. And at this point, it's hundreds of pages long. And we keep it on our phones. And whenever we have ideas, we just type it out and put our research in there. And for example, I do this all the time and now Sean does it a lot. Like I'll drive by like an old town if I'm on a road trip and there's this massive warehouse called smithville. What the hell is that thing? And I just look it up. I'm like, oh my God, they make that much pork. That's crazy. That's how much money you make in port, and then that's how it works. We just see stuff or another thing that I do is I go to a website and I find it interesting. I scroll to the very bottom and look at who owns the copyright and I'm like, what is this company and I Google it? I'm like, oh my God, they own like 18 of these properties. That is wild, but then I research it, and that's how it works. And so we have this document that has all these ideas, and then 5 minutes before the show our producer, like outlines what he thinks is most interesting. And then Sean gets on and I get on and then we don't say a word to each other. We just hit record. And we go what's going on, dude. What do you want to talk about today? I mean, that's basically how it works. And during those two, right? Because sometimes, hey, what do you want to talk about today? Oh, yeah, we're live. That's what I'm saying. We don't talk before. Before this show, you asked me what's on limits of what's off limits. And we record all that. So right when they have a guess right when they come on, it's live. And I go, hey man, just so you know it's live. If you ever say anything that you don't want live or just let us know and we can try to edit it out, but you're live now. How's that? And so we just get right to it. Yeah. I love that. You guys, so what is the cadence look like now? Because sometimes by the way, you guys have really good rapport with Andrew Wilkinson, so definitely more of those, I'm sure you've heard that a billion times. So I think you guys used to do it weekly now, right?.

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