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Different photographs of the physical Distinction of twenty four hours. About how immediately women became covered in the body covering called the borka totally from heads to to totally black covered. Because that was what it was like. When did the taliban mujahedeen regime and The taliban the mujahedeen allowed al-qaeda to to have their infrastructure where they train they train them. They supplied them with weapons that they enabled an allowed in arabic. Speaking different muslim terror organization al-qaeda and all of our us listeners. I sail kaieda. You nine eleven or at the end of august. It's just about to be twenty years to nine eleven and here. We got into geopolitics. The united states entered in concord. More or less. It's very weird sort of way because the united states never shown cred afganistan what they did is they wanted to oust l. kinda and they never defeated the taliban. The the chairman dune the taliban have moved away and allowed the united states to take care of al qaeda and that was already in two thousand one beginning of two thousand and to join nato who's an international international. Everybody was together a lot of british forces. A lot of dane denmark's forces. Though were nato norwegians i mean you think of the different nato sources turkey by the way a muslim country did not as big a presence in afghanistan but turkey very dominant player here in the middle east from two thousand and one on the united states invaded to again destroy al-qaeda that was the premise of their invasion. So we don't call it an occupying force. It was a military force. They never came in and said in. The united states is now running afghanistan. What they did is the united states over. The last twenty years worked with different local leaders. What's a local afghani leader. Somebody who's the mayor who under the taliban went backwards because the taliban came and said you're losing by exceedingly strict harsh. Muslim law and afghanistan wasn't like that in the nineteen seventies and eighties and nineties. This is a trend throughout the middle east. Because i'm looking at yuli al and i'm thinking to myself of our listeners in from muscle for you right now. Who are finishing high school. You're in the beginning of university. You gone off to college okay. Or you're going to go there through five six years ago. If i had said to you if slavic state or the arabic term guys that was the way we would scare you. But the taliban were running a very strict muslim state four invented itself and right. Now there's actually even a power struggle between a region of the islamic state. Which is the the area next to iran. Enough garrison. Kind of what i call. Eastern iran western afghanistan about it was an area where women islamic state in two thousand and thirteen. Fourteen and fifteen was height of its outreach. Portions of afghanistan pledged allegiance to the islamic state so the taliban are part of that but they preceded about idea so are we are feeling better. Something similar to the islamic state with an exceedingly strict muslim outlook within from the time that the united states said twenty years. Look the afghans run their own life. We're gonna leave and the united states. Choose to leave quickly. I don't have a problem without choice. There's no good way to do it. We can have the discussion. Take the band aid off slowly or quickly and immediately all of our listeners. There are those who say slowly and are those who say quickly. There is no correct incorrect way to do it. There are different and in this case the united states said let's do it quickly. And they left and the forces that they had built the interest to the united states had built mainly a security military infrastructure did not withstand anything in my military hat. They didn't do anything. And i think it's because they felt that by fighting they would die. They weren't gonna they just feel did not hard. What i call the Own comes from leadership and they didn't have local leadership. I mean they had a force and the leaders about force where the americans that were on the ground and as soon as the americans left the high ranking the middle they didn't have the local leadership to say get up and fight and the mujahedeen who come with a very strong ideology. They are moved by belief. What can be stronger than moving by this belief and it is very similar to the state. But it's not like it at all and why does it connect. Israel is going to be the next thing in that sense to build up. This immediately connects. Toss my one question before we get to connect it to. Israel is when you say that it's because of the lack of leadership yes and is it also like when american marines gave their life at guadalcanal to hold back the japanese because they protecting the concept of japan japanese being able to get to the american west coast. They're laying themselves down because they believe in america the concept of a nation state. They see people in america's they're people they're willing to give their lives to protect this idea of america whereas up to twenty years americans train these afghan troops to protect this thing called afghanistan as an entity but they i don't know the the afghan troops were really. You know that was a cousin. We're so i love your question. And i'm gonna do what i always do. I'm going to be the toll. Music spoiler rephrase. Your question because. I don't accept the premise of the question. What you ask to me. But he led a bit chamois. What you asked. Ray is a way of raising that question who says that nation states in the western liberal judeo christian forum is the way okay there. There are lots of ways which challenge us judeo-christian liberals greatly especially all over the world. All over the world we look at these different by the way not just in in muslim countries were challenged by what china does. What china does we see. As and i say that not because i don't say is wrong. I am a liberal. Judeo christian liberal on but there are different ways of having a communal state. I mean i'm going to oppose anything that close women at the bottom of the level but this is a problem of all of his slum not of the alabama johnny dean because he slow on as religion can have an amazingly beautiful interpretation. If i just wanna go to off pal chevelle right now as i do in judaism because right now we're.

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