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Traffic much of the rest of the region a little less than two minutes from now. Pennsylvania governor wolf drop by union rally in Philadelphia Saturday to remind everyone what's at stake on election day KYW's, Mike Dougherty reports that after the rally union workers hit the streets to deliver that same message to neighbors. This told the crowd. He's tired of playing defense. In Harrisburg tired of holding the line and a Republican controlled house. He wants to protect collective bargaining over right to work legislation thirty years ago, someone who brought a break to work anybody Republican or democrat, right or left. They would have been dismissed as a crank today. We actually have a whole party. That's pushing right-to-work Carla Harris with thirty two BJ says she's energized to get out the vote, let's cities and states that have unions other workers benefit from that. Even if they're not in the union. So I just wanna make people aware that. We should fight for workers. Right. She and other say they'll be knocking on doors all the way up until election day. Mike Darty KYW NewsRadio a homecoming weekend party near Clemson university. Turned to chaos after part of the floor just fell early this morning. Jeremy tester was there a little bit from what happened and I'll like follow like sixty Buddhist Wall Street through the floor is like this crazy how that happened. Here's correspondent polo Sandovol. This was a private party that was being held very group. Had reserve that space in about thirty people had to be hospitalized. No life threatening injuries. Also know people were trapped after the floor in that common space in an apartment complex gave out this morning. Authorities are investigating exactly what caused the floor to give way. It's unclear right now if the event was over or add capacity at the time of the collapse..

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