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Jeff Daniels is Atticus finch and this new play by Aaron Sorkin new block of tickets on sale through April nineteenth twenty twenty this is weekend edition on WNYC good morning I'm David first a rarely performed Shakespeare play has been entertaining audiences at the Delacorte theater in Central Park and is closing tomorrow night WNYC is Jennifer for nasco has this review of core yelling this director Daniel Sullivan has set this work an apocalyptic nightmare the set is rusted corrugated metal strewn with trash old tires and a burned out car it fits the central idea of this play which is that voters are capricious and easily targeted by whoever pleases them in the moment this is one of Shakespeare's most political please really this is a soldier who despises the people the vote for him to head Rome anyway into the political machinations of others forced him to be banished and lead to tragedy the British actor Jonathan cake plates Coraline is with a sneer he balances the role's complexities nicely well the machine like fighter and vulnerable mama's boy it's that mama though who really steals the show Kate Burton is masterful as Lumia the tiger mother who wants to see her son and herself rise to the top of the heap the rest of the production can lag it's not the most tightly plotted of plays and here especially it often wonders but loony as understated stealing this is riveting W. N. Y. C.'s Jennifer for nasco and it is time for our documentary of the week from Tom powers and Raphael in a house in the co founders of the dock and why C. festival and the pure non fiction film series and podcast here is Raphael it with this week's pick documentary great D. A. Pennebaker passed away last week at age ninety four he made vital films throughout a career that spanned six decades today every documentary maker borrows from something he did first he captured a young Bob Dylan in don't look back in nineteen sixty five I want to find out anything I'm not gonna read time magazine I'm not gonna read Newsweek I'm not gonna be in these magazines I mean because they just got too much to lose by putting the truth Pennebaker pursued a new way to capture the truth he helped create the hand held cameras that gave filmmakers mobility and intimacy he films nineteen sixties icons from Robert Kennedy in crisis to music.

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