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Good one in scottsdale right was there a good scottsdale zell yeah well i don't remember four to five that's seems i would have guessed higher think i think the helping the my way to we had a couple of rally calls the sale i was at the time is that when you when it like into the ebbs and flows of the tide where young too many rally cars and people can't get monkey condemn just like agree p yeah do you find it's funny it's like when when the first car hits that milestone you know it's the first going to go for a million the next year there's like ten goings knock it right oh my god yeah so what what what hit a milestone this year that's going to bring all the boys to the yard next year he wouldn't have was there a new record for anything this year the could be ninetynine modified comes one thousand nine have i was yeah the dolton this year now didn't see thing my friend my friends haggerty are all like diablo's it's all about early diop belo's right now deblaze that initially because they would driven yeah driven calm and it's one of those calls if you ignore it and leave it all drive it it's gonna go wrong so you go on a good one that's modified we've guns and rockets and so funny dave i tally to list of comes through this guy was like this crazy meathead who had this dr blow roads thirty put tribal graphics on it and trysts at straight pipes it was hysterical when lamborghini.

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