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From you know the great gifts that people give to the Ronald McDonald house year round we have family here and grace one of her three daughters was spent some time at the universe Minnesota hospitals in at the Ronald McDonald home and her two sisters came with her we just took a great picture with them and they come and they have been saving up money to buy toys to give back because I'm a lemonade stand sweet so when they were there when Gracie was in the hospital there sister they got the presence and they were really grateful so that's just such a great way to give back so thank you all for coming and saying I and three cheers for Gracie and then three cheers for you are you miss my tap dance it didn't go over well to you tap I tried you know everybody can hear it I would just be a star in my own I know you are but I think the **** and everything like a little Shirley Temple routine you know from from one of those days one of those days thanks everyone for hanging out with us yeah thank you happy whatever it is Tuesday yeah yeah yeah it feels like Thursday because people have a lot of people out Thursday and Friday on a yeah it was very late this morning yeah it was a bone scan and kind and nice people are getting out of town yeah yeah you like my email or my little text they sent you with a link to a story last night okay so if anyone is I have been hanging out with us for a little while you know how much my radio partner loves Justin Timberlake right Fraser Jimmy no one knows how much more he loves JT like they tax they write letters all the time yeah bass Steve's well he has someone at his hand their hands in his in his little life is the triangle of love right yes I got a call at the triangle of lilac rated high rate rate where the you know yeah I'm sure of everything good happening and okay it is wasted okay anyway he put out a denial you not a denial just saying you know of course is way for any wife would be uncomfortable with that photos so you know just because I was like you're going to have your people should issue a statement yeah well then he spotted coming it's really not heard trailer but they were in a trailer that week like the maybe the maker made regular may be a lot worse one of one that picture was but I just thought at first she was he was coming out I know you're dead and here's the deal I think just because she had to run errands in Beverly hills yesterday should to put up with TMZ photographers saying is everything alright she couldn't have looked more humiliated and I thought call Britney spears she had to get two songs written about her member Justin bear that in cheating on her all yes it is that is that true you just made that I know I am not jury we found all that out afterwards he laid it all at the feet of Britney we wrote that great song cry me a river find me a river which was excellent but she only cheated on him because she was so sick of him cheating on her was that it I thought it was because so she was so sick of dressing alike him in the G. yeah anyways so Taylor swift's right great song about all of her axes the weekend is a great weekend all he's got a new song I will not he dated Selena Gomez dear Selena such is small it's like high school in Beverly hills just a small they've all beat each other he lied Bieber Justin Bieber you know Kendall I mean they're all it's just a tight tight circle yeah it is now so we always he's on is going to be called dear Selena hello yes what song about is sex is called like Selena while while it's much the same thing I mean dear Selena like Selena because she dumped him and went back to Jake Justin and that's why he wanted to write that about her I thought it was interesting how you know they were talking about her you know no one just came out and said she sang off key yeah so they're doing all the reporting because she sang at the American music awards and literally saying like a me.

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