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This is WNYC FM HD and AM New York. Eighteen here in London. Hello and welcome to Newsday on the BBC World Service with Lawrenceville Velarde and shaima halio. Stay the former chairman giant of the motor industry has made his first quarter appearance in Tokyo since interesting November he says he's innocent will bane of our business story will bring us a business desk will bring us that story. We'll bring you an update on the fate of a Saudi teenager in Thailand. She says her life is at risk if she returns, home and seeking asylum in Australia. The Australian authorities aren't saying whether they'll grant her up to seven weeks of protests. The French government says it's going to punish anyone who holds unsanctioned protests. It's parallelly all in order to protect the right to protest as what the prime minister says will it. Stop the yellow vest challenging the authority of government with forklift trucks coming up here on news day. Oh. Hello. I'm Debbie with the BBC news Carlos goon. The former chairman of the Japanese carmaker Nissan has appeared in public for the first time since his arrest in November on suspicion of financial misconduct. The judge at the Tokyo district court told him he had not been granted bail because he was considered a flight risk. Rupert wingfield. Hayes was outside the court, Mr. goon came in wearing a dark suit without a tie on. He was handcuffed around the waist. Apparently, he has lost weight. His hair is graying. But then went on to make a very robust statement in which he categorically denied the allegations against him. He said he had been wrongly accused on meritless and unsubstantiated allegations. And he said he had not received any compensation from Nissan Motor corporation that was not disclosed. And he said I have acted honourably legally and within the knowledge and approval of executives inside the corporation. The North Korean leader Kim, Jon has arrived in Beijing. The start of a full summit with his closest ally, president Xi Jinping from the Chinese capital. John sudworth reports Kim Jong pulled into Beijing in his green and yellow bulletproof train. Mr Kim made no foreign trips at all during his first six years in power, but recent months of seen a flurry of travel and diplomatic activity. This his fourth. Visit to China comes with preparations reportedly underway for a second summit with the US president. And once again, perhaps intentionally it serves to underline the importance of China to securing any meaningful nuclear deal, the US national security adviser John Bolton is in Turkey for what are expected to be tense talks on the planned withdrawal of American troops from Syria last month after a telephone conversation with Turkish President Donald Trump promised that all u s forces would leave immediately. But on Sunday, his national security adviser insisted US forces would remain in Syria until the last remnants of the Islamic state group were defeated Celine. Garrett in Istanbul missile Bolton had proposed a new condition prior to his arrival in Turkey and said Turkey should agree to protect Kurdish forces in northern Syria, which is a pretty much unacceptable in on cutout circles. So the talks today are expected to be rough but both sides need to strike a delicate balance because they don't want the relations to go. Again. The US military says it's killed six Islamic militants in an air strike in Somalia, the attack in the lowest your belly region in the south of the country is the latest in a series of the US says has killed more than sixty Al Shabaab fighters in the past month. The Pentagon said the attack was mounted to diminish al-shabaab s- freedom of movement. You're listening to the world news from the BBC. The supreme court in Delhi has ordered the reinstatement of the head of India's Central Bureau of investigation. The verdict is seen as a blow to the government of Narendra Modi. Which is accused of undermining the agency and his second-in-command were sent on leave in October after they accused each other of bribery and interference in investigations. The UN refugee agency says it could take several days to process the case of the Saudi teenager who barricaded herself into a hotel room at Bangkok airport to resist deportation from Thailand eighteen year old half Muhammed Al Kuhnen became stranded after arriving on a flight from Kuwait at the weekend. She said she feared for her life. If she was sent back to her family, the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres has insisted that Guatemala must allow the international commission against impunity to continue its work in the country until its mandate comes to an end in September on Monday, the Guatemalan government gave the UN anti corruption body twenty four hours to leave. We'll grant reports after a long running dispute the Guatemalan government is now brought its opposition to the seek to a head. The foreign minister, Sandra, you're well, spoke to the UN secretary General Antonio could terrorists in New York and told him the group's investigator. Has had twenty four hours to leave the Central American nation. As expected though mister Gutierrez didn't accept their position. He said this is seek must be allowed to continue to operate until the end of its mandate. In response, the Guatemalan President Jimmy modalities again accused the group of overstepping its re-met and violating quarter Marlins human rights. The Ecuadorian authorities have released hundreds of iguanas Galapagos island almost two centuries after they disappeared from there. The last recorded sighting of the Galapagos land iguana on Santiago island had been made. By Charles Darwin. BBC news. Many thanks for the latest. Hello and welcome to Newsday. Lawrence shaima with you this morning. France wants to protect the right to protest prime minister says to do that he wants to crack down on unauthorized demonstrations, also she's out of Bangkok airport..

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