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Hey have you listen to startalk allstars yet well you need to check it out it's the science podcast where are startalk experts like bill nye the science guy dr charles lu dr emily rice doctrine natalie starkey dr sommer ask dr david grins boom all take the helm of the show and bring their expertise as they talk to other scientists about all the fascinating topics we like to cover here on startalk there are always joined by a comedian sometimes it's even chuck nice he's my second favorite if you're not listening you don't know what you're missing so go ahead and find out catch startalk allstars wherever you listen to your podcast including i tunes podcast google play music soundcloud stitcher and two men or go to startalk radio dot net this is stored thought welcome back i'm your host bill nye waterberg star jarkko that's my colleague new world short noise you're in your in so archipelago version of the original star trek theme song in the reason is doing that because this cosmic query segment is a generally on a science fiction theme yesterday's now we had a query about force fields as we did was from its original dancing and curricula bits who said on instagram how far we from forced fields and inertial damper so let me just say in the in the biggest picture you live in a forced field gravity is the force field as its can be thought of as the field and recently it was proven that it also apparently travels in waves rabbit he does and so this was predicted or very reasonable to physicists and now we had an instrument that measured that but i think i know what at which you drive on plus we also have dampers inertial dampers uh.

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