Obama Administration, Flynn, New York Times discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Who tried to influence the investigation who try to influence the election i should say mus ladies and gentlemen and then overlay this will what i've been pounding on for over three months now the widespread domestic surveillance by the obama administration that included these socalled incidental surveillance and collection of information transcriptions and dispersal of interactions people when trump world with others some of which was leaked to the media including involving general flynn and we also learned from mr combing if you believe him and i soon the democrats believe him they build them up today that the new york times his a crap pile the effort by trump's multiple people working for trump trying to make connections to s russian intelligence colmey said essentially that's bs how much more bs do we get from cnn and the washington post and the new york times repeated by morons like joe scarborough i'll be right back month over callow news talk through teen twenty one was seven point nine kylo probably celebrating the use of serving the sue empire oh a on emme he is thought a lot of things have changed here in eighty years but we've always within the first name in news callow news talk thirteen twenty.

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