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Seven games as catcher as a catcher he's a career three hundred hitter with an eight thirty one it's pretty good hundred on the nose yeah yeah as a first baseman with over two hundred games he's a career three thirty eight hitter with an opium of nine twenty three so you know there's joey barton movers and the worst thing in the world eight oh get them both in the lineup that'd be pretty cool if the kid can play that bell well who's locked in he is i want him on the field blaming gotta he can always play left field to go back to subpoena and mccovey all over again there or you could put buster third to i'll see that i based you got longo for like five more years don't you but that the day that i never forget i was at t and be getting christmas presents and i heard the longo thing in the first thing i looked up his contract enough first reaction was oh my god they got themselves a they got an albatross around their next twenty one hundred twenty xactly what they have is another hundred ten we're almost done your krueger here kruger's anti one hundred percents thing the other words some of it yesterday yeah yeah god bless krueger for getting out there taking that take oh by the way the bob's is spectacular the apple fritters amazing and swaggie is confirmed by the owner as somebody who who sends his people now he's so big now right he sends his crew out to go pick up which is something mumps driving for someday i'd love to have first of all i love to have a crew just in general but then on top of that if i had accrued be like guys i could use some bob's i'm not gonna lie yeah paulie were on it and just to confirm longoria twenty thousand nineteen fourteen million twenty twenty fifteen million twenty twenty one eighteen million twenty twenty two nineteen million those are all guaranteeing twenty twenty two twenty two and then you can buy them out for five million before twenty twenty three take you all right let's get the guest list from tonight speaking of john milius catastrophe right boy donate donate it was great thank you chocolate fashioned though it was chocolate you like the donut that's entirely chocolate with the glazed kind of.

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