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K. Seven Twenty Four. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI AM DOT com. Or and he's with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as a Evans is providing for municipal the upcoming municipal election During the COPA that nineteen shutdown. Just to pass this information along Piece by Cuyler mead in yesterday's Greeley trip yes. The city of Evans will proceed with its April seventh municipal election during which residents can vote for or against ballot measure to eighty now. This is the rather controversial sales tax increase intended to fix the city's roads. The election will have some adjustments though but all residents still remain invited to cast their ballots. The majority of residents have already received their ballots in the mail per release. Residents may return their ballots anytime a prior to April seventh via the mail or in person at the ballot dropbox. This is located at the Front of the Evans Community Complex. Eleven hundred thirty seven th street in Evans now as a result of the covert nineteen. Pandemic if you need a new or replacement ballot well. Here's some things that you need to know. Voters that need placement ballot because they did not receive one. Well they spoiled. The original Ballard Lost. The original ballot will be permitted to enter the Evans. Community Complex wanted a time to obtain a new ballot from the city clerk. The main door of the city of Evans Community Com complex lobby will be open on April seventh from seven. Am to seven PM anyone wanting to enter the building will be required to.

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