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But you don't know what you yes that same age as me okay sixty two baseball teams if you grew up my first memory of baseball of any sport was my father my father promised me that he was going to get media cap of the team that won the nineteen sixty world series okay and obviously i'm in new york metropolitan area i'm a seven year old kid but i want to see the yankees win honestly okay there's no mets yet what do i know i'm seven years old and i remember coming home from school i didn't listen to the game writing and my mother telling me that the pirates said one and my father comes home from work that day with a pirate cap and i'm like i'm not wearing this so and i liked the yankees and sixty one i was into the marriage mantle that's really the first real season i watched baseball i was eight years old and then when the mets came in sixty two don't ask me why don't ask me why is one of the dumbest decisions animate i was nine years old hey there's a new baseball team in new york this is my team that's what i did what a mistake because growing up my old man was shame age it's the maj y'all grown up that was my that was my father's guy joe d you love them mccallion thing and all of that right now in monroe i mean all of it right right but i grew up in brooklyn and mom was a diehard dodger fan joe dodger fan used to kick out the dodgers sure greatest thing i remember it's my uncle gel every time the judges with loose this is what he had to wear research and title work we wear a black tie because she was a morning right right right right and one year fifty fifty fifty five one i was born in fifth out beginning of fifty floor but my mother back if you're an american league fan i mean watch the dodgers move that my mother became a met fan so you know it's funny because i'm the yankee fan but i liked the match h just at the metro yeah good pitching what they follow up on anything yankees always too good hitters and the mitchell pitches look that's all i appreciate the yankees are well run organization it starts from the top that's really to deal with them you know they're run the right way the mets are not run the right way and that's really to me is what it comes down to and you can get on george all you want i mean you know look you want about george he made a lot of bad decisions when he was when he owned the team but george was always about one thing and that was winning the world series every year every movie made whether it was a good mover a bad move was done with one thing in mind winning the world series not being a winning team not being over five hundred not making the playoffs winning the world series that's all george steinbrenner was ever ever about and that's all i know they have a one winces oh nine which is like i said it's like forever for the yankees but that's all this ownership the the the the the younger steinbrenner's that's all they're in they wanna win a championship it's all about that and that's all it's been with the yankees winning championships twentyfive many winning seasons that doesn't mean hating they wanna win championships you might say the met mindset you know what if we win great we want to win but if we don't win let's make money that's what they are winning is not the mandate with the with the wilpon they want to win is a difference between we want to win and we have to win is the difference between that and they're just not run the right way they're not run where championships the only thing that matters and that's you know and that goes back to the yankees it all the successful sports franchises no matter who they are i don't it doesn't matter whether it's the patriots now what's the steelers have been the giants if you want it thrown into that mix with all with with the football the san antonio spurs your the lakers for the most part over all the years you know the.

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