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We're socially distanced right now. But that doesn't mean we need emotional distance from our friends and loved ones. Reach out. Touch someone not physically fight loneliness. Make that phone call be well and stay tuned to case. This is the business and I'm Kim Masters were talking to Rod Lurie, director of the outpost, and Jake Tapper, author of the book on which the movie is based. Production of the film faced many obstacles that could have shut it down. The most tragic of all came during the summer of 2018. Laurie tells the story. We're in traffic was in a Bulgarian pump watch. The World Cup when my mother called me and said My son Hunter had them. And add a cart. Well, she didn't know what she knew. He was a hospital, Michigan and the hospital told me that he had had a cardiac arrest. And the nurse who was a lot of coal. This could be just, you know, I don't want to get there because, well, he's not gonna make it but my my wife, Kira and my ex wife and hundreds mother, Gretchen. My daughter and his girlfriend. They food in Michigan. They beat me to the punch. Yesterday was Kim was a health, you know, being playing, not knowing a thing. Because there's no entrant happened and I got there. It was really profound came because you know I got there and he's all hooked up and it is hopeless and I have to make a decision too. Remove all the machines. And we're told he's got about 20 minutes left. He's unconscious and My daughter said to me, my daughter had the presence of mind to say to me, Paige She said. You know, Dad, I know that the last thing you want to do is go make a movie. But you have to go make this Louie, you know? My son was that we was a movie fanatic. And if you knew that this was this was based on Jake's book based on these guys. You know, went down the tubes because they definitely were looking for other directors, which they should have been. But it would be difficult to mount this film history. Don't just disappearing like that. But it would destroy would've destroyed Hunter. But I realized something else, literally, as he Expired from this earth. I realized he was the same age. Yes, right, Jake. A cz. These guys, They're like they're they're all in their twenties. And now these families get behind me and drink was wonderful. And you know, there's something about 100 on CNN, the family's heir, send me gifts and flowers and they're really behind me. And and I realised, then how important that movie was the movie that we get the deaths of these men correct. You know, I knew if I was making a movie about somebody was making 100 I wouldn't want have a musical score behind. I wouldn't want at the traditional stuff and you get in action films. You know, I wanted to be realigned. Yes, meaning me. I got I came. I got here. This this crew behind me. It was it was unreal. It was unreal. You could play the rocking use way overcame everything. I mean, this movie is so difficult amount. You know, we didn't have enough money. We can have enough time That location wasn't wasn't perfect would be made perfect. Made by I see I didn't have you know we don't have what we needed, but But these guys, they came together and it was just unbelievable. What happened there in Bulgaria for this? You know what I offered condolences then, and I offer them again. Now That's a heartbreaking story. Ah, it's funny in a way because of the you know the movie was had so many obstacles and yet felt destined at the same time. And just to underscore that point, I will say that when you return and started shooting, Scott Eastwood broke his ankle if you broke his ankle while you were in the U. S rod or whether you do return, and then he broke his ankle, but his ankle broke No, I returned, and Jonathan younger, the producer of the film he comes in, he says. We just got word. Guess what? That's cotton's. Would his ankle and it's gonna be like months before he's fixed and The city was fruit, and there was real top that the movie had to shut down, But but again, Kim, it was like no way. There's just no way that's where he's going to shut down. And I got off the phone with with Scott. And he said, I'm gonna make it. I promise you, I'm gonna make it like you really wanted to do this film. And so I had to get on the phone the insurance company and do a dance with him. Fred Astaire like how I'm gonna reschedule the entire movie. We're gonna begin with shots of Scott's character sitting, and then I'm going to shoot the scenes with him standing. And then once every step, you know, seven steps like two or three feet, and then I'm gonna I'm gonna shoot all of Caleb Landry Jones action scenes, and then we'll do Scott at the end, and they said, OK, the gaming allow weeks our action by another two weeks. Which allowed me to rehearse all these very educated action sequence site and helpless, But Scott's a lot of pain making this movie and some of the Winston There is not just like Clint Eastwood like swinging and greetings like Season eight, and, actually. Yeah, well, amazing that they allowed you to go forward. I mean insurance issue alone would be Something that I would think you know, would be a huge problem..

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