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To jagna. Is the real deal. I on fire so filled with the holy spirit. I know why i'm alive. I got convert everybody so anyway. Yeah it was. It was pretty amazing. And you know that whole four months i been telling the pastor it comes in every thursday night passer jim and i just don't like him ground and the guy wouldn't even look at me 'cause i only want to go. His program to get out of jail was not right with god. Second i got born again. And i quit asking him. I ate this guy. He's a christian. You know all angry again. And i'm completely different and i'm just sitting there listening to him preach when he gets all done. He looks at me and he goes he For the first time he looked me in the eyes because every time before. I think it was saying. Don't even talk to this guy. Just ignore he you know he's a schemer but now dodd said hey of will had talked to them and so the guy looks at me for the first time i shake my hand that hammett come see you tuesday about coming ising south. That's his program that was trying to get into for four months and there was no way and I go craig you know. But as i said i was okay in my heart. Who's like i trusted. God that point where i go. Well not then you know it's okay. Whatever happens is fine so he comes and sees me and says okay. Great you know we're gonna I go there's only one problem. I already asked this judge to lower my bail couple months ago and he was so opposed to know. You know we should raise your bail you. You're a flight risk. you know. it's standard one hundred grand. Well there's no way. I was going to get that fail you know. There's just no way but you know what when god's in control things change and kind of like what my lawyer said. I don't know what's going on. But they completely changed their tune on. You won't god. Did that work on that judge..

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