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Expose Armstrong's doping suffice anything to park compensation part one came out today and yet dots on your on your regular feet thanks to Hans groer showers and taps for sponsoring comedy zero militia type for our show at Harrogate at the world championships on the Friday evening. Go to the second PODCAST DOT com click on live events on the side of the page into a click through to get your tickets for our event in harrogate well as we're in the Burgundy region Francois. I'm assuming snails will be on the menu for you. Well I've ever had looked at the menu so that might not be but we're in jewelry and G._e.. Is a very nice place for wine anyway so unutterable snares but what I'm sure of is that we are going to drink chivalry wine tonight. Before we go am Francois you met a couple of podcast listeners in this village. We were staying in a couple of well yesterday morning. Berg I'm they'd come there because they'd heard about it on the podcast which is nice and they came to to see and we met them by our by our car and you rashly promised he did. The listener did say that he was was poised to sign up a friend of the podcast you convince them to do so and but you did rashly promised him that if he did so we'd read his name on on the podcast now we've got a problem there because he tweeted to say that he has signed up from from his twitter. Handle wasn't clear what his name is so we're GonNa have to read all the recent sign ups as friends podcast and hope that we get him because a promise is a promise now anyway so thank you to Cornelia Bruckner Philip Grin half that might be him Paul Diet John Sculley Ian John Simpson a big thank you to James Phillips William Russell Matt Match Iak John Johnson.

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