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So the bottom line is that the lefty candidate didn't win in the seventh congressional district of texas making democrats more hopeful that they can actually pick up that seat and one of the story lines that has been pushed by republicans is the democratic party is lurching to the left too many of these lefty candidates are getting nominated they're not going to be able to win in the general election i think that there are some examples of that but there haven't been enough of them to say that's a big trend because last night didn't play into that template on the other hand you know lizzy fletcher i mean she was no moderate kind of pennsylvania rural white male candidate who had once been a republican three weeks before i mean those are the kind of yet mainstream can she there wasn't much difference substantively between these two women i'll tell you what the difference was and why it matters because i i was down there last week i talked to both candidates both campaigns were equally annoyed by the storyline because it was kind of typecasting like you said was in storyline right but but here's why where it was different i think they did have key differences on some of the areas that democratic strategists are worried about how they'll play in the fall and that is healthcare moser was for the medicare for all bernie sanders type single payer system fletcher's is more of the traditional democratic line at the moment which is shifting line of what we need to do is boost the aca and the other thing is impeachment moser said i would vote from peach mint right now fletcher said i don't like donald trump but i'm a lawyer we need to let muller do his job and then wade the evidence i'd be open to impeachment but we need to let the facts go i write that is not an argument that a lot of revved up democratic base voters want to hear right now when you down there did you get the sense that whatever democratic nominee came out of this process would have a realistic shot because this is i mean you've reported one of these twenty five districts in the country where hillary clinton one but republican with serving did you get a sense of that at all from voters about the actual.

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