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The climate crisis is here time. Slipping away to stop the worst effects of global warming and we need solutions by me. Molly would how we survive dives deep into the economics the tech and the human stories behind those solutions from billionaires trying to monopolize lithium mines to business rivalry so fierce that once e- was dragged off plane by federal authorities. How we survive following the money to the end of the world because our survival might depend on it. Listen on odyssey and everywhere. You get your podcasts. You know i was thinking about tom. Brady this morning. They're g the mic. Drop their second and talk a little bit about football as we hear you back album. Yes yes yes thinking about. Tom brady right so tom. Brady's already over two thousand passing yards and they've played six games so they're a little bit more than one third into the season as we have a seventeen game season now there have been about twelve guys that have gone over five thousand yards in a season and for me and for my money. The greatest single quarterback i believe has ever had was the dan marino season nineteen eighty-four where he did throw for over five thousand yards and forty eight touchdowns and played an incompletely different type of defensive situation where there was holding and grabbing and all sorts of stuff and not all the calls were made like there are today where quarterbacks get second and third chances on defensive holding illegal contact and of course on passing appearance so to me that that season stands alone as greatest season that a quarterback ever had in my eyes. Because i wanted to replace. But now. Tom brady's already over two thousand yards and tom brady already throw for an over. Five thousand yards in a season. Back in two thousand and eleven. So he's on pace right now to throw for fifty eight hundred and forty eight yards. Oh yeah with the extra game. Yeah with the extra. I know that. So but the point being do you think you can get the six thousand yards. I know you've been talking about this all year waiting to see a quarterback it no. I don't think he's going to do it. I think there's gonna be a weaken. Their where he ends up. Only having like i mean he's gonna have to average three hundred fifty yards plus a game i think right so we have matthew. I'm gonna give you the guys that are already over. Eighteen hundred yards at this point. And they're all averaging over three hundred yards per game. At this point and it starts with dak prescott matthew stafford patrick mahomes derek carr and then tom brady so all of those guys right now are all over. Eighteen hundred passing yards. They've all played six games. And they're all averaging over three hundred yards per game pass with tom. Brady averaging three hundred forty four yards per game passing. So you're telling me you think someone's going to get to six thousand yards. I think i gotta figure that. Patrick mahomes be playing behind a lot. This she yeah. Defense is tarrant established shot and because their team the other three and three. They got right against washington. They're going to be in a dogfight in that division with the chargers and the raiders. There he's going to have to play all seventeen games i believe. And he's gonna end up having to throw for over three hundred yards every single game in order to win but yes. You could have some weather issues in kansas city for sure. True is the season gets but he doesn't seem to be too affected by that he hasn't been at least yet right. Offensive line is great but yeah he's probably the guy's got the best chance of doing it. I think tom brady's gonna have one of those games. Where it's like you know he'll still win but only throw for one hundred ninety five yards. Then it'll kill his chance against the six thousand season. Yeah well anyway. It'd be interesting to say but it will eventually happen somewhere along. The line is going to happen. Lot of terrible games on paper this week. I know that you know and last night's game on paper was a terrible game but last night's game turned out to be a very competitive game. It was a competitive game. But the point scored. I mean i guess it was cute that the the guy who was Came off the fishing boat at a great game and everything's a storyline. Whatever call that cute. Yeah whatever as a cute little story. Yeah but you know it's really running back in the. Nfl was not a cute little story. It's a cute little story. Kidd stepped up man that was supposedly a decent defense. Yeah so so good for them. I mean that's that's really this. No no impact game bob by the way. That's a team that the giants lost two week. One the denver broncos. I don't know they're three and four. I mean there's you go through a litany just bad football games. Now you take the jets and giants out of it. There's still bad. I mean atlanta miami. Who far so the the really. The two games of interest are cincinnati baltimore. Which is the best game out sleet. And that's one o'clock on cbs. In in your market. And i would probably say kansas city tennessee. And that's really it outside of that. You have john norma spreads so. There's no buzz this this weekend and the nfl is essentially novas week. As the cool games we can gio mentioned those two. The only cool games on the schedule for us locally. You're not interested in the panthers in giants those peaking game peak game. Yeah pecan or barely on the red zone. I mean that's another atlanta miami. You'll never see on the red zone about indianapolis san francisco sunday night game. Yeah that's a make me care spot. What does that make me care. Spot care spotty. Call it. i'll just what you said you know like. Give me a. Give me a reason care about that. Because i don't have one right now all right. That's that's what that is. Yeah i mean some of these big spreads and i put one of them on our picks today just because it's fun to pay attention. He's china spreads. I wonder if the inside insider feels about that one. No it's actually the other one. I didn't put the one on the because we know what the insider feels about the big one. Okay we know what the insider feels about. Houston arizona right. The one i put on the picks is detroit. La that's the one. I put in a picks at insider told me yesterday that he's feeling A. in a big way there to all. Oh yeah the insider feels. Yeah and that's the that's the lean of the week from the insider. One hundred percent lane both arizona and la man is a bad games. Yeah sorry about. Vegas is actively. Now's the vegas thing without jon gruden. They'll be more discussion about that. I don't know if you heard the. Cbs sports minute. But congress now has gotten involved in the six hundred fifty thousand emails from the nfl. Given the fact that congress gives them a Antitrust exemption they feel like they can get involved in this whole thing congress congress. Yeah get him involved with politics. So let's get the nfl bob so we can rip the crap out of the the nfl. Nothing else going on right so which well. There's a lot going on. We just got distract compete just to distract from. Actually what is going on. Because we don't want you to know about what's going on here. Let's go get the nfl involved. billy's in manchester. What's going on. Billy gordon guys. You what's happening.

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