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Let's do Rita. What was she wearing? Where was she seen she posted? Why Onondaga Graham? She's the WHO clean gone to now. Allah what's Rita? Ora Up to this woman. I'm so excited to finally share. Hashtag how to be lonely with you March thirteenth midnight local time local where you live all over the place. Don't have an apartment whereas you guys knew it for so long and have been so patient preorder and presided at the link in my bio xxx lightning emoji. Lightning Emoji Shooting Star Emoji. I don't love the visuals here. I'm a little confused. It's like it's like it's like Gold Goo. She's like she's like she's like wrapped in gold. Goo is bad goal to the goal to do is like it says staff. It's that like it's Goo- it's Goo- she's wrapped in Gold Goo. It's like I'm but it's at slaney. It's like whenever Kiana gets out of the Matrix. And he wakes up in his little pod. Imagine if that were gold and it's called. It'd be lonely which is sad. I don't WanNa sad rita so I think that Louis Cataldi is because in one of the most so he he wrote not featured in it no so further down. I also did the same research. You have have a son a Son. Article that The headline is right man for Rita. Get it but it's like right right. Louis. Kepala has written read or new single how to be lonely which is nice. I love that pairing. I really liked that pairing I mean honestly Gimme Louis Cataldi over Ed Sheeran any day of the week when it comes to like Brits Writing Music For Women Okay Bridge Reading Baker women like we haven't even heard that many Lewis capacity songs we don't even really know if I like that song more than Sheeran songs all of them. There's something so all of believable assurance aesthetic. Nobody I know but I I believe the sentiment of Louis Capacities Music Ed Sheeran's music is also contrived and like artificial sounding a key south shirts. Because he's been writing for so long but like Ed Sheeran. Music is so robotic like there's not real emotion is actually no they're not actually that much alike. They're only like in the fact that they're both kind of funny looking. Funny Look People. Well No not British but later. Bonnie looking over the pond all these Scottish and Ed Sheeran's British which we've made mistakes we call them Irish but he's Brit Charmingly. Funny Looking songwriters okay. I'll give you that Ed Sheeran. I feel like is like chaotic evil and I feel like Louis capacities a sweetener. He did build an illegal pool in his backyard very chaotic okay. That neighbor would alter she up time so excited read. It has a new song coming out because it'll balance all this other shit that she's doing which is like so much shit We gotTA shout out in a write up about this this fashion show that read Auras in. Thank you fashion Easter. For like you know really doing our job for us What are we this? What Prada with the help of Katie Grand? Who's been known to mix at the casting at our by sprinkling. Some famous familiar faces for fall. Two thousand eighteen. It was L. fanning to open and close for cruise two thousand nineteen. She brought out Thurman Alexa Chung Rowan Blanchard Sadie sink in Gwendolyn Christy. She surprised and delighted the audience at her latest Paris. Fashion Week outing yet again on Tuesday afternoon when Actors Storm Reid steps out wearing the first look she was fall by two deeds. Which W- okay. Well obviously only to a deeds. Okay to a deeds. They're four hundred models. I mean there are three mom owen labels to okay. Well these were the these were G G and Bill Kaya Gerber and Rita Ora. Someone page. Who Weekly I love it when Rita. Ora is involved. It's only we're the only call then next up. Here's a Daily Mail headline picture exclusive. That's one long party. Giggling Rita Ora emerged with a sheepish..

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