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Week. Whatever Isn't this an illusion? I think that was enough. Let's move on to Laura because it's now have been officially declared a Category three storm, and now they're saying it could approach a Category four storm before it reaches the coast. And, of course, that would just be devastating. It's the third anniversary of actually Hurricane Harvey was yesterday and Governor Greg Abbott. Warren coastal residents to prepare for heavyweight rain and winds this week As Laura approaches we're anticipating that destroy myself will be out of Texas. Perhaps a Tzar, Leah's The end of Thursday. That said, there will be AH lot of devastation wrecked upon Texas as a storm sweeps through especially East Texas as well as Lingering challenges that will result mandatory evacuations are underway in Galveston. In fact, Brad Martin told us they're going to shut out the lights at noontime today and everyone's going to go home shores are leaving without power and do whatever so at least the governor mentioned as you did earlier this morning that that's a fast moving storm, so hopefully it won't linger like Harvey didn't dump rain that was hungry. Wisconsin governor Tony ever has declared a state of emergency. After businesses in Kenosha were vandalized Dozens of buildings set on fire in what it continues to be referred to as mostly peaceful protest. Not peaceful anymore because two people are dead. No, they're not. They're absolutely not. One person was injured overnight. Yeah, this is all because of the shooting of that. Black man say he was shot seven times in the back. Yeah, I get.

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