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No great opportunity for the musketeers. They can pull it off tonight. Yeah. John real curious to see how long Xavier is gonna stay with the two bigs. And if they can really hurt Villanova with their size or will Villanova be hurt Xavier with their versatility in their outside shooting. You better believe Labor's gonna attack early and often offensively. Tyreek Jones is a big match up on aircraft. Tarek data stay out of foul. Trouble. Also tears to see how how. How Villanova's gonna match-up plan against saber? 'cause they don't have a lot of size in their line-up. Call wider three point shooter six nine freshman. He is out with an injured hand. So villanova's. Smaller lineup out there actually in the big east Villanova has been out rebounded by a couple rebounds per ballgame. So if you go to their whole stat sheet, you know, you're saying everything they do so. Well, but you go to that will pop in the road right there. And that is an interesting deal you bring up which which style will dominate James versus there may be four out type regard offense, and who could make you shutter who could make who pay the most. What about the shop loppers at Xavier brings into this game? Gabe, Zach hankins retired Jones both have done a terrific job blocking shots. Your Packers leads the big eastern shop lock. Yeah. I don't think that's gonna be as big of a issue because of like you said Villanova takes more threes than they do to. And we saw in their warm-up very rarely people inside that that blue arc out there. That's just kinda how they liked to play. They liked to drive in kick driving. They get you spread out and Jared scramble mode because they're so fundamentally sound in their unselfish and are good shooters. They make ten threes game. So it's. They went to the last three. A national championship. Playing the exact same way. They just do it with with with the little less county personnel. They fear. They hit a bump in a row earlier in the year Joe where they lost. They got bought by Villanova. Then they lost inexplicably. Furman at home. It was a rematch with Michigan that got clobbered pretty good early right in a lawsuit over time Harmon at that point they fell out of the polls. But they were going through in a sense what J or they're put a whole new group together. And they're starting to coalesce. Says is I think the marketeers you're seeing a whole different Villanova ball club. Now that you were seeing backed up. Yeah, go, unfortunately, they they'd hit their stride. I also watch them lose to pen in big five matchup and pen was team. Just like them a path the ball real fundamentally sound and just make threes at the end of the Shacklock. So. They got one to Kansas offensively Byron. What are you looking to see that Xavier is going that would indicate Xavier could have a good offense at night. While they're playing inside out number one. But number two and most apparently they're not turning the ball over go. A lot of time favorite. Just wouldn't get a shot up because one there'd be too many empty possessions. Too many turnovers and the other thing they were doing they were passing up open look and put themselves in a tough situation. Namely coin Gooden at the end of the shot clock. Having a force of Batat because they passed up went up a couple good luck fell. They received to have solved that problem. The last two games without went in the lineup but make bones about a Joe Xavier needs. Quint good. No doubt about it. Especially in this game. Because the way Villanova plays the way that the pace they played lends itself to a lot of hand. Checking a lot a lot of hard cuts physical play. And if the officials have a quick whistle Jobe a lot of fouls. Paul davis. Davis pretty much bigger than Villanova every spot, but Villanova has a lot of this skill and speed advantage on their side. Is you watch a Blair you're playing bass seem to change their style. Again, pretty much will be which a quick game or a walk down the floor type of an offense. Go to zone Goto. Amanda, Mandy facts, the press will port sometimes they'll press record a court, but they make you think when you're playing there's no doubt about. I thought the pause are. Quaint good about in the off season. He says you almost have to play a perfect game. You're playing against Villanova because they're so fundamentally found that puts a lot of pressure on you in a Senator John shirk. What's tyreek Jones for the Xavier musketeers Jones listed at six nine? Eric, pascal. Trump's Recco for Villanova. Two hundred forty five pounds. John Paul Jones as you point out Xavier started to bigs again. The beautiful rain here. Wells Fargo center capacities twenty two thousand expected about seventeen thousand of the building. I say they have that right now. Jones had past gal standard together at a center. Job circa kinda stare each other both spiraled each other a little bit. Right. Class horns here in a little bit. Are posted centers out there right now. Official steps in toss it up. The tap is controlled by Jones easily by Scruggs, and we have a whistle. And the shot clock is not started. We've played four second shot clock is still at thirty. And I'll have to give the officials credit. They catch that show. Quick. We all the time. I'm sure that they're trying to watch it. But it's just amazing to me that maybe ten or twelve seconds. But they were all over. So you just down the twenty eighth. I didn't exactly balanced that up. There's four seconds had been played twenty one on the shot clock for the Muskateers hacking livers it to cast left side of the floor. Villanovan Amanda ban defense top akitas drugs into the high poster poster-hangers Scruggs cuts by hankins with the basketball. He is being hounded Canada shot clock somewhat needs to get open. They do the Paul Scruggs seven on the shot clock. Drives the lane spins. Hank shoots and misses rebound. Take a bike. It's back up an end. No good tapped up topped up a third time. It's goodbye. Hackers Jones tapped it up Mr. from the right side. They were playing volleyball inside as exploiting your advantage. Oh, we had the size advantage Samuels guarding. Zach hankins Zack has about five inches on Xavier leads to zero all the way the last week. The left side of the floor. Top of the key debate rotate PASCAL with the top of the key dribble between the leg picked up by hankins back the PASCAL just on the left. Elbow drives across the lane to the left block kicks it back outside top of the key to on a shock block the shot clock booth. Fires.

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