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He was working on the Lordstown Ohio GM plant closure. He wants it reopened. He said that he would restore funding for the Great Lakes restoration programs and the government was close to finalising money to build a new Sulak. Preliminary findings from the European plane crash show the anti feature on the Boeing plane automatically activated before the plane nosedived into the ground health officials say McComb county, they confirmed a measles exposure location. A Bank of America branch on Romeo plank road, March nineteenth somebody with measles came in and would have exposed people in the building to measles. Get ready for Einaudi for construction. I ninety four will close at nine pm on Detroit's east side for a weekend bridge work the freeway won't reopen until five AM Monday. And that's not all it'll be an entire construction season of work on I ninety four in the area. Diane cross dot says well have to find new ways to get around including the. Post a detour on ninety four you're coming from roughly telegraph all the way to the city decide you're gonna find the freeways open weekdays it's going to be the weekend that ninety four seventy closed everywhere of getting into downtown for that type of thing that where people are really going to have to plan ahead and learn to use some of the more local roads at grand river, gresh, other. Prosecutors are voicing their opposition to the decision in Chicago of charges against Jesse small at being dropped. Correspondent Ryan young reads part of a statement from the Illinois prosecutors bar association over the past few days regarding the Cook County state's attorney's handling the Justice Malik's. They don't condone any part of this. They actually thought it was not as ethical as they thought it should be. So now, you have someone else weighing in all this. And we're told there will be a protest out in front of the courthouse by police officers on Monday. So this is just not over. There was more room in the womb. Bangladesh woman with two wome gave birth to twins twenty-six. Six days after delivering a baby. Boy, Jared news time eight oh four. Here's Steve Courtney sports Richard way, back in one thousand nine hundred forty Indians hall of Famer Bob feller threw a no hitter on opening day. Jordan Zimmermann Tigers starter made a bid to do exactly that. He was perfect in Toronto yesterday afternoon through six and two-thirds. He would go on to give up one hit in seven innings of work. Kristen Stewart came through with a two run shot in the death. Dramatic win for the Tigers. Do nothing over the blue Jay Sam team 707 tonight. Matthew Boyd gets the ball for the old English deers. Okay. We've been talking about how good the defense is for the Texas Tech red raiders number one in the country. As a matter of fact, Michigan coming in number two in that category. Give the nod to the red raiders and Sweet Sixteen action last night. They get a sixty three forty four win sixteen field goals that was it for Michigan last night. Thirty two percent shooting from the floor. Just not good enough..

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