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The hand gets stabbed. And the question is do you care. Does your brain care as much if it's someone in your out group versus a member of your group and that's exactly what happens if it's a member of your group you have a much bigger response and if it's a member of your brain doesn't really care that much and it turns out that we do all kinds of versions of this just as one example. We then say okay. The year is twenty twenty five and these. Three religions have teamed up against these three religions. And now you're to allies you care slightly more than he did a minute ago. Just because you're told in this one cents thing that that they're allied with you and the others are still clearly in your out group so your age doesn't care as much and by the way just a side note. Atheists have exactly the same thing about seeing atheist handsets up so it's not an indictment of religion. It's just an issue about ingram's actress who you feel like you know what your labels are so. We've done a lot of work on that. If anyone's interested. I wrote an article in the economist last year called. Does your brain care about other people. It depends but all of the sudden in two thousand twenty unfortunately all of the stuff is more relevant because society is really finding ways to divide themselves up with in groups and out groups Some people blame social media. The fact is i enroll student of history and the fact is that we've had this kind of stuff happen all the time with the chinese cultural revolution of the russian revolution or or what happened in nazi germany or we. We've we've seen this stuff lots of times before the internet so it's not like the internet is the single thing to blame here. This is this human nature so anyway this is what i think is relevant twenty. All right we're going to take one more break..

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