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Those on seven o'clock were flying tonight. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister Gary Jeff Walker's in at nine tonight. He will take you from nine to midnight. Couple of observations on what the reds announced yesterday pool thoughts I didn't worked up really to any extent because. It's been so long I mean camp was shut down on March twelfth, but remember how we felt about this team on on, March twelfth. We were really excited about the makeup of this team I talked with Dick Williams that night on sports talk and he said and I quote I really liked this team I mean we had spent time analyzing this team bottom, and really the takeaway at that point was maybe a bit of a concern on who the backup shortstop was going to be maybe the concern on the timetable of when you any Suarez would be. Be completely ready to go. Nixon's L. would be completely ready to go. It may be if they had. Is there another arm they could add to that bullpen well swears his healthy Cinderella's healthy. Perhaps there's a shortstop out. There becomes available on. Maybe maybe a relief pitcher as well as a wiggle room with that, but I mean. This team was good to go coming out of Camp Dick Williams, talk that night about being so pleased with the way they had ramp things up to head towards opening day. This was a team that had added new stocks and cast. In Shogun Wade, mile and Pedro strope. Derek Dietrich not being on the camp roster. I can't get worked up about I. Think ultimately if if they don't find anybody. That's better than him. I could see him being a part of the thirty player pool on their opening day roster. ARISTIDIES Aquino No shock. He's at Pasco ultimately I. Don't think he's going to be on the thirty man player pull the begins the season. He didn't hit in September. He didn't hidden winter ball. He didn't hit in the spring and I think most thought back in March we were assigning a ticket to triple eight for Aristidies Aquino. Tyler Stevenson I would think we'll be part of the three-man traveling taxi squad. Each team will travel with a three player taxi squad. One of those must be a Catcher, so that's going to be Tyler Stevenson. That'll be good for him. Couple, I guess a couple of surprises one the shortstop Blake. The twenty. Third Round Pick. He was the eighty fourth player taken overall in the draft in the third round in two thousand fifteen, he decided to retire. He's twenty six years old Chris. Hokey is not assigned to either camp. He was a second round pick in twenty-six teen. You'd like to think someone used a second round. Pick on as recently as twenty sixteen would be perhaps more in the mix mark Peyton is an interesting guy to keep an eye out for because he's a rule five in in most cases you have to spend the entire year on the with the major league team or be offered back. To that this year, because of what's going on I, think he would have to be on the major league active roster for a minimum of fifty days, and you could in theory stash him on the injured and not stash, but if he were hurt to be on the injured list for the others I think. Four their top five prospects are involved in the two camps number one. Prospect Nickel Dolo number three. Tyler Stevenson number four Jonathan India number five Jose Garcia Jose Garcia was the The Guy who dazzled during spring training yet has never played above Aa I. Think in the bigger picture that concern has to be what this season is in terms of the minor leagues, and that's a wash for the likes of one hundred grain and reese hines and and Mike Siani the the the stud gloves center. Who played for the Dayton Dragons Tony Santini? Packing TJ Frito get I mean hundred green, the real kicker on green at this point, not being part of either pool I mean we're talking about hundred didn't pitch last season because of the Tommy John Surgery. And won't pitch this season. Because of the Tommy John Surgery which. Great it gets him further away and a chance to. Get stronger and yet he's not doing that with real game experience in innings under his belt, which pushes you into twenty twenty one thinking. He's got a build up innings when he never really had built up innings before to begin with he was on a limited innings pitched counted boy I'm going back now on the years, it would have been two thousand eighteen. At. Dayton! The active roster will start at thirty on opening day. It will shrink to twenty-eight after the first two weeks of the season then down to twenty-six after four weeks of the season. Players who don't make the thirty will continue to do their thing at at PRISCO. During all of this there are some players who have out clauses in their contracts primarily guys in in I'm I'm guessing on guys like? Nate Jones Tyler Thornburg Mat Davidson guys who signed minor league deals that got into camp and you had to tell them by a certain date. You were going to keep them on the major league roster or not, and then they have a decision, I think. This time around. It's five days before the start of the season. They could choose to opt out and go someplace else. There is also. The also got a group of guys who would be without options at this point. Who if they didn't make your opening day? Thirty would be designated for assignment exposed to other teams grabbing them, and that includes stuff. Let's Lucas Sims. Robert Stevenson's in that group Philip Irvine's in that group Scott Shetler is in that group. One Guy who's not in either the Pasco camp or the great American Ballpark camp is the right handed pitching prospect Vladimir Gutierrez he was their number fifteen prospect according to MLB pipeline twenty four years old yesterday, the announcement and Nick Kroll indicated during the zoom. They found out about this back. During the first spring training, he was suspended for testing positive for a PD and that's eighty game suspension. They had signed him out of Cuba. In Twenty Years and backtracking here to twenty sixteen, they gave him almost five million dollars I think it was four point seven five million. And he's had said some flashes. But. More often than not, it's been the frustration of lack of command consistency WANNA say last season. He had an era a tick over six. You may twenty seven starts at triple level. But he was a guy. They were hoping they can kind of get fixed. Get right and had some stuff pretty good curveball. If I remember correctly that had impressed people enough to give him four point seven five million dollars back in two thousand sixteen, they gave a nice chunk, the other shortstop, the Cuban shorts out to say, they gave him the neighborhood of five or six million to our freighter Rodriguez. shortstop all right, so that's a one hour in the books. When we come back, let's do the next phase of the adjustment process. We talked last week. One of the changes you're going to have to embrace it. Used to is extra innings and a runner on second base. The biggest one you're going to have to get used to the the one of these the biggest break from tradition, and there's a lot of purist around here. Are you ready to embrace and accept. The designated hitter. Chris Welch with an interesting comment on that to sterling on Friday. You Friday night. You will hear plus we'll get into your calls. As well. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. one of the books that was fun. It's now carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W..

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