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Whether they're what they're proposing that they got us a product and if they'll put out real tax cheats on the product or what they're trying to do so once you get past that if you move onto your trying now to determine whether you wanna use quaker state valvoline shell texaco and my answer on that if you're in the petroleum world is just have added because the real honest truth is most of those companies will make a similar level of quality of product in that the trillium side of the house because it's really become a commodity it's made to a certain pandered it only runs so long is designed to meet certain specs to be those api spec so you get a product which is going to meet those minimum standards now when you move to synthetic engine oil which is your next question should you use synthetic here you have to get a little bit more picky because everybody synthetic is not the same and you have to be careful some of the synthetics out there would be glorified petroleum for lack of a better term they're really not very good and you can move on into really good synthetics there's a tear those where you look at babbling synthetic castrol synthetic you know regular mobil one synthetic different ones are those with real name brand type oils they're gonna make a good what we call standard synthetic so you're going to get pretty much what you pay for that and it's probably going to be an oil that runs for normal drain intervals and is rated with the better qualities than any of the petroleum oil and you go to another tier which would be the mobile annual all change all the anzoil premiums signature series oils and those two are kind of moving up into a category of their own so now you're looking at these insane well okay these guys cost more but boy they they purport to do more so what do they do they really do more if you've got a premium quality synthetic engine oil like i said which would be mobile annual oil change or the amsoil premium ones which.

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