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It's I mean you can't beat the weather. Obviously and yeah they they do a great job on. I think I mean like like it's actually Joseph the most of his horses train here and I know good ones train here and we've had some good ones this year to roll. He's he was on the show with me last week on our equine forum show show and So happy for Saffy. Yeah me too. That was all the biggest day. Three three state Clinton's yeah and then come to find out like two days later. It was his birthday and I was like. Oh man how old is happy. He's like thirty two or three three. Like what yeah. He's just a kid. Did you ever tell you. He trained a triple crown winner. Yeah no but I think I knew that thinking you that Yep yep talking with Scott Aker here on trainer talk doc presented by Phasing Tipton. All right so you've worked with all of the notable trainers we've talked about but if you can hang out with one trainer in the sport for a full day and just be around on them and watch them and talk to them and ask them anything you wanted to ask them. Scott what trainer would it be. Probably luth yeah. Yeah Yeah I think so I mean I I I for some reason I catch myself any article. That Lucas's in I always read it anytime I hear an interview. Lucas I when we listen to it like he's just got away with words which I kinda wish I envy just the way. He says things and his demeanor and everything I realized that and when I was a kid he he was the man. So it's kind of like. Yeah you'd probably be definitely the bad guy. Yeah he's one of my favorite interviews guys guys like him and Yeah Baffert in Todd and you know the top trainers in the sport. Yeah baffert very good. Well Yeah I mean they start talking the man. I don't even WANNA and ask a question. I just want to sit back and listen because there's so many good sound bites and and so much they can. They can tell you if you're talking. You're not listening right. Yeah Yeh Ah Yeah while what. What question would you think you'd ask Wayne if you could if you could have one question to ask him? What do you think it would be How do you lose how to lose? Well if that makes any sense like we're in a sport where if you're a betting twenty five percent that's good so you're losing seventy five percent of the time so basically you got to be a good loser and you know I don't know how that's Kinda sounds dumb. I guess in a way but it's the reality of it. Yeah they might run good but you lose a lot of the time so how do you how do you keep yourself going. How do you keep your head? Hi How do you what do you do to keep trying to get better. Basically is that hardly blue skies. Is that difficult to do Yes sometimes yeah I I think so because kind of like you put too much pressure on yourself and that's not healthy. It's not good and it's that's where that negative energy part. That's what you don't want that like. That's where I think Dave is good like all right back to the drawing board. Let's let's get him next time. You know what I mean and and I liked that part. That's cool. Lucas has done it for a long time and he still doesn't i. Yeah I love the Pictures Green Brilliant. He's absolutely brilliant And so many so many things with that wealth of knowledge that he could share with any trainer any young trainer this getting involved all year. How about you if a young trainer comes up to Scott ACKER and says hey I want I want to try doing this for a living? What do you tell Good luck I mean. Yeah if if they're saying that they probably they probably already know. Hopefully they know what goes what it entails and what you need and what kind of passion and work ethic be a lot work. I think you need to that goes into it so this day and then you can say and I like that too. I never I like all the trainers to win it. It doesn't really bother me. I don't have like favorite trainers. I keep people all the time. Oh I hope he doesn't win. I mean they're they're working just like we are. Yeah yes says that. Like athletes were trainers. Don't have archrivals necessarily well. There are some I mean. Don't get me wrong. When especially in the claiming game you know what I mean or owners switched their horses that trainer and stuff like that? Now maybe if that happens I'm not gonNA slap my leg super hard and hope that they get home but yeah I mean it is what it is. They're just trying to make a living and do the best they can listen. We're just about out of time but one minute left. I've got a wrap. Wrap it up so really want to thank you for taking the time here on trainer talk tonight been a delight to hear your story really enjoyable visit and all.

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