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Read between the lines of camping trip from sleep. Would anyway he talks about. He's he's got the tapes of small in his house which is here that the custodian. Yeah yeah all curtis this. I'm told spot. I should apologize. Go to roy. Him about about bounced management problems. And he says he really likes the car manager. Jerry schilling who's the memphis. Mafia seem. Happy playing the hits which just much heard and he talks about what did like to i mean he. He's an all ticket in smooz from them. But but that lost hips. Great every so kind of all you need to know. I mean i. I went elliott's interview. The fiftieth found bursary beach. Boys for formosa joe and bruce. Johnston was easily the friendliest of them. So it was very very disarming experiences sitting with five of them including david marks hebron back in an and having bronze sitting next to mike was one of the most surreal experiences of hot but bursts was was was sort of like the diplomat. And i remember taking me aside and sitting down and playing tears in the morning home the piano in the studio and he and he said that sunflower was his favourite post pet. Sounds i'll probably because blown off tacit driven down from sons of ballpoint. his benchley. You know it was like it was a real window into into the world. The jet repaired wins. I if it's true that somebody suggested they dropped the boys from the name and just because the beat a touch mentioned in love and he does. He talks talk. That it wasn't so serious. Thing is william brilliant. Brian house in one thousand nine hundred seventy three you above eighteen stone pretty much gone because i got quite friendly with maryland is first wife because i think i interviewed When she was in a group called spring american spring in america spray spending which she she and her sister were spring and she invited me interest with something that she said come over screens. So i went to the famous house in bellagio road and the piano and the sandbox was still there and i have the full sort of middle period. Brian wilson experience streaming. He was extremely use charming. But not quite then yes he. He did what. I had to do which was go to the jukebox and play. Be my baby for me about twenty times. If i've never heard it before that.

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