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Thanksgiving's will drop that one on Thursday and then on Friday I'm GonNa quiz. Amir Blumenfeld yes from Jake and Amir Fame I. I am going to quiz him on the episode of WHO wants some Trivia. This is a fun theme. We've put together for this one so You know we've done we've done Leelee we've done tasks who sits atop the leaderboard we're eventually going to get to my Mantica but Amir is up next and we'll see whether or not he can beat both of these guys scores so that's on Friday. We got the beach stepping stepping on Thursday on. Today's show Thanksgiving themed top. Ten forest should be fun. We usually do top five guys taking the top ten seconds already Eh. We will play a little. Is this news. I've got tweet of the night honors. But before we get into last night's game guys I wanted to let you know I fell down on the most insane rabbit hole last night because of something we talked about on. Tuesday's show we brought up the whole James Naismith family tree and the like. I couldn't let it go right because we were talking about Jimmy Smith being there at the arena on Monday night and then I add talked about Jeffrey Naismith in the Trivia show. I did what tasks about the ninety five raptors. Anyway I fell down this insane. Insane rabbit hole trying to figure this out and I wanted to just give you guys a quick report. Okay listen listen to this Dr Mollie broke it down. Oh Test Dr James Naismith. The man who invented basketball he had five children. Two of them boys named John Edwin Naismith though he went by Jack and James Sherwin naismith though he went by Jimmy. I'm not making any of this up. Wow so you're telling me to kids who both have James Double Double Janeane exactly amazing. Those two boys ended up having sons of their own. Now I think they had five in total one of Jimmy's was named after his granddad. James P. naismith he he goes by Jim. He lives in Corpus Christi. That was the eighty two year old man. The last surviving grandson of Dr James Amy Smith he was at the raptors game on Monday night. All Right now Jim Jim. He married his middle school sweetheart beverly and they started a family. They yielded four children and fifteen grandkids. I believe one of those grandkids. Kids was Jeffrey. The young teenager probably around thirteen years old at the time who through that ceremonial jump ball at the raptors inaugural game in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. He was introduced I remember. He was introduced during that game from Herbie as Dr Naismith. Great great grandson so there it is. I think that's sort of the family tree but men in that wild. It was a lot of J.. This was insane to figure out because they're all named like basically the same thing and then they all have these secondary names so it and then because just to add to this. There's a there's a yawn spelled I. A. N. he goes by Yawn and that it was the guy that do you remember when someone was selling the basketball rules Dr. Yeah I don't know maybe ten eight years ago something like that. That was him because he was one of the grandsons sons. So He's in theory Jimmy Smith's either brother or I'm sorry yeah either brother or cousin but anyway he He passed away now gyms and control. Yeah so he must have had a jump shot. That's why I didn't have a J. O.. Had you had to get that off. I'll be honest with you. I dipped into the family tree as well wealth as soon as I saw that James Naismith. Og James Naismith. His Dad's name was Jon Naismith. I gave up. I was like this is going to be too much. So have you consider changing changing your name to J. Maybe a jump ball like that idea. Got To put on a tie and glasses all right last night two games. That's it two games guys. I'm the clippers crush. The mavs one fourteen ninety nine in a game. That never really felt that close. Paul George scored seventeen of his twenty six points in the first quarter. Quite finished. With twenty twenty-eight eaten for Luca had is arguably his worst game of the season you turn the ball over seven times. He went over eight from three point. Range finished with twenty two eight and six looks all right in the box score but rough night impressive..

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