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County gal by sort of trying to get around their refunds policy stills make so full this makeup and then things like preying on the and carter is down and out fashion designer describe osha big in the nineteenth ruffles but since then and they go and find her crying on the floor after a failed fashion show and then kind of you so when she's a west to kind of nippy late her interesting this high manipulating each of his insecurities of weaknesses it's through something quite cruel there which is interesting because this film has been talked about as a great hang out movie some of the more positive skewing reviews have said that it's a great girlfriends movie seem women working together although this seed of mistrust from the the off that the film doesn't ever really play on a few little character relationships the hinted out one being potentially romantic relationship between k plan shits and sandra bullock's character that is probably a little bit more explained within the plot than say landau being pan sexual in solo or any of these are the recent after the fact cons yeah but still were prevented from really getting one from that relationship onscreen really i mean she lets today out to eat of sandra bullock's fog she feeds her and as you kind of a hope that that which none of us just that there was a little bit more life i feel like at the heart of the highest as you say it's very glamorous i mean it's the matt gardner is this given glamour there so yeah i i mean the target is necklace worn by daphne clue go which is in i mean anne hathaway spun testing she's she's had a bit of a hiatus for last couple of years starring small films like colossal and this is her first big movie while and she's just fantastic i like to think of she's kind of the target that selina kyle would is it selina kyle yeah she's strikes us the kindest and selina kyle with target so she's got this this beautiful cartier necklace which is kind of the tug of the highest again that the preying on the front that she's very insecure socialite that's hosting the ga i mean she has a very real panic attack while she's having the fifteen while canada boom to swing our nipping and talking her and she has this wide i panic attack where she's really buckling under the pressure of self image and just saying i feel the numerous to quit that in itself felt very overwhelming i never heard to go on and be further manipulated as part of this big jovial heist women can go to these tools which is more of the thrill of the chase they didn't need that jewelry this just something fun for them to do and something that debbie's been kind of thinking about during her time in prison you know she's been itching for the next call and this is any expense where this film really falls down from you start lock of tension within the group attention outside of in that plan is acted i know that the parts of the heist movie concedes his to these twists and turns and planet as and plan b's that we only find out it's afterwards is the show combs explaining the mystery to the room the end of the story aspects but still you expect a little bit more peril or little doubt you look at logan lucky which was directed by students auto burg whose exact producer hair after directing the the all male oceans films look he had much more excitement in the telling the story then i think this one does so instead it's relying on the personalities of the actresses in the characters but then in the second half of the film it is not spoil it say at half the crew don't really have much screen time indicating as stood at the side maybe with a wink and a you know she's getting down to business cuisine arena reentry on the other end of of a of a skype coal and akwa fina who is so has such interesting energy she's queens rapper comedian and just simply the energy she brings alongside clem classic modern hollywood actor this is just incredible but she's forgotten later in the film and replaced with relationships with men in the broadcast characters there is sort.

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