Iraq, Sadat, Iraqi Army discussed on The Daily - Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Interesting things and understanding a man like major suggest an understanding young soldiers is understanding the past the lead them to that point the reality is one person that they met differently one way they kind of interacted with rock differently and they could have easily been an isis soldier instead of being an iraqi army soldier i think a lot of it depends on which sect of islam in iraq is historically split really kind of starkly with shia and sunni muslims but on top of that i think it's just about your socioeconomic status uh where you live in the country who you kind of associated with isis is a sunni movement um so i think a lot of a lot of the people that join isis join it because they want to empower sunni muslims um you know there's plenty of sudanese in iraq who aren't joining isis in who do want to support the government muscle is a majority sunni city which is a big reason that it felt so quickly and fell so powerfully to isis but the reality is is that that divide really defines a lot of the differences and sectarianism that happens in between this country said tell me about the journey of major sadat so me suggested as eight kids with two different wives uh which is legal and even encouraged in iraq and he's divorced no no he's he's got to us all at the same time yahya heaven so amid a judge has been fighting in wars in iraq for his entire life his father was a soldier in the iraqiran war the 1980s which was a long brutal battle between those two countries he graduated high school the day after you sign up for military academies because he said he really wanted to be a soldier a right away right as soon as he could and that led to him being a soldier during the american invasion two thousand four two thousand eleven and he trained with americans so we really had a good rapport with americans really liked him ray like being around them uh and that's i think why he took china meat and that's why i think he let me kind of be around he said he'd never given an interview before i met him and uh and we spend three weeks together kind of attached at the hip while.

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