Alexandra, Senate, White House discussed on This Week with George Stephanopoulos - Full Episode: Sunday, October 15, 2017


A war on the middle class it is very very sad so in terms of the healthcare we're saying let's follow what syndrome marion senator alexandra are doing the alexandra mary barra way hunting put them in the senate they're trying to find common ground and that should be encouraged and that's one at the white house the same it mulvaney that of the offs management budget saying the president doesn't support that on its own east gonna want some of his priorities in return but what are his priorities building a wall for example you you can't healing obamacare please we'll rip he wants to negotiate and the healthcare bill by repealing the affordable care act and building a wall no what i think that in other words some of the things he did the other day like saying you can buy insurance across state lines that's already in the affordable care act so i'm just saying what are what are his priorities except the priority for many of them is there should be no government roll they they never really the republicans never really supported medicare when it came into being they now say it should wither on the vine this is being a better public rule associated with public with it the good health of the american people and and and what they're doing with their tax plan and with their health bill will hurt but ended in the absence of action by congress isn't the prisoner getting what he wants and repealing by obamacare step by step by step is what he's doing is hurting the american people isn't bad policy and politics about the american people and if he if he is if he wanted to do that why would he hurt people and say now that i've taken the american people hostage let's talk we have a path in the senate demo by partisan path.

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