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Greenhouse gas emissions but thursday at the white house president trump explain why he's taking the us out of the deal this agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the united states the leaders of italy france and germany say there will be no renegotiation of the deal criticism of president trump in the us was swift from seattle mayor ed murray i've joined with mayors from sixty others cities today to announce that we will honour our commitments to the paris accords now abc serena marshall in washington says there could be another policy change coming from the white house president obama's historic rapprochment with cuba could come to an end multiple sources telling abc news the trump administration is likely to roll back the opening possibly limit getting how americans are allowed to travel to cuba adding more regulations on us businesses wanting to work in cuba and even reinstating those caps on bringing back cigars and rahm the white house is only a review was underway while the justice department has mistakes were made by a lower court and blocking the president's ban on travel from six predominantly muslim country it's the doj now asking the supreme court to review that decision abc supreme court analysts kate shaw breaks down the government's request for the administration is saying is clinton district court opinion on hold until the ninth circuit rules and then of course the ninth circuit role against them so they would then after sitting in a new request this screen court in the philippines thirty six people are dead authorities said they all died of smoke inhalation after a gunman set fire to a resorts world casino in manila during a robbery police chief oscar all by all day says the gunman committed suicide ignited the himself set himself on fire than the bug which he set himself thirty say.

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