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Presented by Blackstone. Hey, good morning playbook or some ragu Mullen, it's Thursday. Today Show, the obstacles that remain when it comes to reconciliation. It's her Politico playbook daily briefing. There are still two big obstacles remaining before Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, when it comes to reconciliation, one senator Kirsten cinema, and two, Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough, the latest reporting suggests that cinema is eyeing three changes. Politico's Burgess Everett and Marianne Levine scooped yesterday that's in ma wanted to mix the carried interest loophole paid for, which represents less than 2% of the financing for the Bill, and add some 5 billion and draw it resiliency funding. Tony Roman Jeff Stein from The Washington Post ad, but cinema also seems to be questioning the bill's corporate minimum tax. An idea she seemed to endorse last year, the quote discussions are fluid and her quote exact requests are unclear. Bloomberg and axios also have similar stories with an equally cloudy picture of what exactly she wants to do on the corporate minimum tax, but everyone seems to agree, she's talking to a lot of Arizona business interests about the bill's tax provisions. Meanwhile, but because Caitlyn Emma and Miriam Levine report that there are at least four policies in the reconciliation bill that their sources believe could be vulnerable to a bird rule challenge before McDonough, a Senate parliamentarian, is the second most powerful person in Washington after cinema for the next week or so. Those provisions are, capping out of pocket costs for insulin, a plan to quote penalize drug companies when they raise prices on those with private health insurance, restrictions on electric car tax credits that require eligible vehicles to have batteries made with materials from the U.S. or countries that have trade agreements with the U.S.. And quote, a requirement that the interior department must auction at least 2 million acres of land within a year for onshore and gas leases before allowing for solar and wind projects on public lands. Normally, just a Senate Dems begin to untie the final knots presented by the parliamentarian and any caucus holdouts, progressives in the house would start making noises about why they can't support the bill. But so far, those voices have been muted. On Wednesday, but it goes Ryan Liza spoke with representative ro Khanna about what Democrats on the House and especially progressives this time seem ready to swallow whatever sent over. You can check out the chat in today's playbook but a couple of quick highlights. Manchin called Kona on New Year's Day, not long after Manchin killed build back better. Connor made him a promise. Quote, I'll assure you that if you come up with something reasonable that we can get the environmental groups behind it and we can get the progressives behind it. And when it comes to the newly passed chips Bill, he had this to say, quote, the chips Bill in the reconciliation deal are about showing that the progressives can build a governing coalition, and that it's not just about aspiration, that it's actually possible to compromise to get things done. The dotcom progressives is that we put out these ideas, but what are we going to govern? What are we getting done? Here, we compromised, we didn't lose a single progressive vote in the House. It's more notable when you consider that senator Bernie Sanders, vehemently opposed to chip's bill in the Senate. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House. At one 45 p.m. eastern, president Joe Biden will host a virtual roundtable with business and labor leaders to talk about the reconciliation bill. Here's what's on the vice president's calendar and 9 25, vice president Kamala Harris will leave D.C. for Boston. There she'll hold an abortion roundtable with Massachusetts state legislatures and local leaders at IBW local one O three. Later, she'll leave Boston for Martha's Vineyard, where she'll speak at a DNC fundraiser at 6 15. In the 7 30, Harris will leave the vineyard to return to Washington. Press secretary queen Jean Pierre will brief at two 45 p.m.. The Senate is in today. FBI director Christopher wray will testify before the judiciary committee at 10 a.m.. The house is out today..

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