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For businesses with 100 or more workers The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th circuit in Cincinnati made that ruling Friday after the mandate was blocked in November by a lower court The White House is saying Vladimir Putin is still deciding whether or not to invade Ukraine Security adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday intelligence agencies are reporting the Russian president is still mulling over the decision but giving serious consideration to invade Tiger Woods is back on the golf course The golfer hit the links Friday with his son Charlie at the PNC championship program in Orlando Played competitive golf a year ago at the same event And a time capsule from 1887 possibly containing a rare photo of president Lincoln in his coffin Might have been found in Richmond Virginia wvr reports crews were working on removing a pedestal that once held the statue of general Robert E. Lee when they found a copper box Plans are to open it Monday I'm Scott Carr You're listening to Bloomberg business week with Carol maser and Bloomberg quick takes Tim steno V from Bloomberg radio It has not been easy running a restaurant during the pandemic Uh we know that And yet one dining establishment on New York City's lower east side is not only surviving COVID Tim it's becoming more profitable than ever Here with that story is Joshua Bruce technology editor at business week He's got a feature in this week's issue of the magazine about the popular vegetable only eatery dirt candy It was also very pleased to have the restaurant's owner and chef Amanda Cohen with us as well So Josh let's kick it off with you How did you discover dirt candy and why did you write this piece I'm just curious about the pitch to Joel Webber Your technology editing Yeah exactly Well I'm a technology editor but also in New Yorker and I was really interested as the pandemic looked like it was waning this spring to see how restaurants would after all they had been through kind of get back on track I'm a vegetarian so dirt candy was very much on my radar screen and I was also interested in talking to Amanda about her experiences because she's been out in the forefront talking about labor issues in the industry And kind of pushing the business model in various ways And so I thought that she'd have some really interesting things to say about reshaping a restaurant at this interesting time and also I could go there and get to eat some good food Let's go see it Was this really just about getting some really great meals Let's bring a man in I thought a good place to start would be when we first when we first started talking you were just coming out of what seemed to be one stage and into the next one And over the last couple of months it seems like things worked out maybe surprisingly well for you in certain ways And I'm wondering if you could talk about just the factors that went into where you find yourself now and how things ended up being maybe better than expected and also continue to be a challenge Yeah I mean I had no idea that this is where I was going to end up I started I don't know part 5 my pandemic experience With the idea that we have to change the restaurant We weren't going to survive And we were surviving creed pandemic but always on the edge And I started made a promise to myself and my staff that we were going to start trying to figure out how to actually run the restaurant like a business and a passion project That was always teetering on the edge And we changed how we paid our staff We changed our pricing We changed the culture of the restaurant And in a huge surprise I think that all of us we are still here And we are actually doing really well It's the first time in my 13 years of running this restaurant that I actually feel like I'm running a business The changes that you've made they're not the conventional ones that we see with a lot of restaurants that have survived and throughout during the pandemic It's not like you went all in on delivery or everyone's eating outside right These are changes that aren't conventional I think we went against the wisdom and breathe.

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