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The senate chuck swirling for two seasons energy concision throughout the base of the spine to the crown of the head for thousands of this. Ancient wisdom has been installed the master to cycle. What are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook. These chucked help you unlike lert destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my center chocolates and now your host a giant kumar walk. What's up action trade. Ag year host and founder. Of my seven jukka. My seven chucker dot com. The place where we help you calm your mind. Relax you nova system and expedience. Deep states of bliss andres episode. I wanted to give you a glimpse into war responsible through work as many of you know. I conduct breath work healing circles on zoom every week on sunday mornings and wednesday evenings in these sessions have really been helpful in helping people cope with what's going on in the word right now but also reduce stress to calm their minds relaxed inova system and open up more possibility but there are so many more of you out there that can potentially benefit from these sessions but maybe a wondering waters breath work and whether breath for israeli as effective as people say it is right. That's why today we're going to do a breath work session with the music with the breadth with me guiding you through the process. But before that. I wanted to quickly talk about what breath work does for your body and a device that has recently caught my attention lately. There is helping me switch off my negative stress. And then we'll begin our session together all right so firstly stress. Activates your fight or flight. Sympathetic response leaves you feeling distracted overwhelmed and makes it difficult for you to get sleep. Stress also plays a key role in our evaluation sometimes especially to run away from a predator or to solve it challenging problem. You need the energy to make it happen. That's when your heart rate increases your cortisol levels rise and your blood shoots to your.

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